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Tips To Improve Sexual Life That Every Couple Should Know
Tips To Improve Sexual Life That Every Couple Should Know

Tips To Improve Sexual Life That Every Couple Should Know


Actually, there are two major phases of sex life when it is about couples; first is sex life that a couple practice until they get a stable relationship, and the second one is sex that they have when they are in a relationship.

In the first phase, when a couple is not in any sort of permanent relationship, they are barely bothered about their sex life discussion. However, none of us would prefer discussing our sex life after marriage. Its kinda different. You don’t share your bedroom secrets with your friends and neither you share your bedroom troubles with anyone. So, there exists no question of suggestions that can improve sexual life. But what if we could change that? Here are some tips that can greatly help you improve your sex life.

1Do something that you never did before

Try to do something that is not in your personality. If your boyfriend is a person with dominant character, and expects you to follow him; do this time the other way around. Change your role; make him listen you. Tie his arms to the legs of the bed. Treat him like he is the shy guy and not you, and you are going to be the decision maker, not him.

2Do something that he always asked you to do

Be it man or woman, both have hidden sexual fantasies. And, the worst part is – none of them want to discuss those. However, if your partner is open about his/her sexual fantasy; you can really make him/her big time happy by doing something he/she always wanted you to do.

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3Try any position you’ve never tried before

Let me ask – what was the last time you tried something new, attractive, or challenging in the bedroom with your partner?

I’m sure, your answer would be – “its been a while since each of you has done anything new in bed.”

How about trying a new sexual position, especially the one you have never tried before? Give it a go without worrying much about the success rate.

In the best case – you are going to love it and in the worst case, you are going to have a healthy laughter.

4Do not wait for your partner to start

Most of us would like to wait before doing anything on bed. Perhaps, we don’t want to be treated like a pervert. But, the sooner you express your emotions, the better it is. Do not worry about rejection. If you find your partner unexcited and is not responding you the right way; don’t be surprised.

There could be several reasons behind your partner’s decrease libido, but you must not give up. There could be some odd days, when your partner is not prepared, but if these rejection are happening too often, then you need to visit a sexologist.

5Do not forget about oral sex

Here is the interesting one, but true. This one is for ladies. Every woman knows that men love oral sex, and every man knows that at some point in a long-term relationship, he is not going to get it. So, dear ladies! Do keep this in mind. And, do not do sex like you do any other work.

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6Do not dress like an old lady before going to bed

Let me tell you, for many men, romance and passion dies when you pulled your pajama pants. I know this is difficult, especially in summers. I am not advocating wearing tight jeans or something erotic every night. All I am saying is – wearing something once in a two weeks’ time. I am sure, this is going to increase the passion.

7Just think about it – what kind of sex would you like to have; passionate or a dull one? And, how are you supposed to maintain that passion with someone that you already had slept a hundreds of times?