Beauty Secrets – 10 Tips To Cure Cracked Lips In Winter

Beauty Secrets – Best Tips To Cure Cracked Lips In Winter
Beauty Secrets – Best Tips To Cure Cracked Lips In Winter
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Winter and skin problems go hand in hand. During this season, you can expect all sort of skin related troubles such as dry skin, swollen feet, torn skin, skin peeling on fingers and fingertips, and many more. But, for ladies, cracked lips is something they are really concerned about. Every winter, we have to deal with excessively dry and cracked lips. In this article, I would like to share some tips to cure cracked lips in winter. So, let’s get going.

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1Balm and lip contour

If you had ever noticed, mostly the skin dries and cracks around the mouth, right on the lip’s line. However, I have seen many females not taking care of this part. Although they do apply balms, mistakenly, they don’t apply it at the right place. So, in order to save your lips from cracking in the winter, you should apply balm and lip contour on the lip’s line and cracked skin.

2Regularly exfoliates

Instead of tearing or pulling the dead skin accumulated on the surface of the lips, it is better to remove dead skin cells using sugar. A gentle massage is all you need. For better result, you can mix some honey or olive oil for a moisturizing effect.

3Eat fish, if you can

The reason why you need to eat fish is omega 3 fatty acids. You can have the required amount of the omega 3 fatty acids from fish and believe me, omega 3 plays an important role in the health of the skin. Omega 3 fatty acids keep your skin hydrated and this includes the skin of your lips as well. In case, you are a vegetarian and do not like fish, you can take omega 3 supplements in capsule form. But, please see a doctor before starting that.

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4Apply lip balm before bed

The best time to apply lip balm is before bed. According to beauty experts, choose products containing shea butter, glycerine, and natural oils. These products need at least twelve before they can make things happen. When you apply them before bed, you allow them to work on your lips whole night. This way, you will wake up with perfectly hydrated and soft lips.

5Drink plenty of water

I hope you must have noticed that when you feel thirsty you feel your lips dry? Medically, the body needs adequate fluid intake throughout the day to function properly. And, allow me to tell you that one of the effects of dehydration is dry lips. So, if you want perfectly soft lips, drink at least two liters of water every day.

6Use humidifier

As during the winter, room air can be excessively dry due to use of room-heater or other heating appliances. In such cases, if you can afford, use a humidifier. This is a special device to regulate air humidity and prevent excessive air drying in the rooms during the winter.

7Say no to methanol products

Be it any reason, if you want soft lips, you need to give up on all lip care products containing menthol, cinnamon, pepper extract or other substances that have a cooling effect. Although the sensation feels very good in the beginning, later on, these ingredients inflame the skin and aggravate the condition of the dry and cracked lips.

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8Do not lick your lips

I agree that when your lips are dry, it may be natural to wet your lips with your tongue. But this is a major mistake that makes the situation worse. In case, you don’t know, saliva plays an important role in food digestion, and thus, wetting your lips with saliva will have a negative effect on the lips. Also, wet lips become more prone to drying and cracking especially in winters.

9Do not break dry skin

I have seen many people have a habit of peeling dry skin, especially around lips. The truth is, it is a very harmful habit, which can cause lip wounds. At the same time, this only increase lips drying and cracks. To prevent this habit, apply an intensely moisturized lipstick on your lips.

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10Do not wear strong lipstick

I don’t need to tell you that most of the lipsticks available in the market are full of ingredients that dampen your skin. These are typically lip flakes, lipstick markers or matte textured lipsticks. When you are struggling with cracked or dry lips, it is better to use a creamy lipstick that keeps your lips moisturized.

These are a few tips to cure cracked lips in winter that I learned from my beauty expert. Do you have any more tips for this situation? Please share with us.