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5 Things That Prevent You From Becoming A Good Manager

5 Things That Prevent You From Becoming A Good Manager
5 Things That Prevent You From Becoming A Good Manager
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Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

It is often said that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. In simple words, if a valuable employee is resigning from his job, 95%, he is doing this because of the relationship he shares with his manager. Bitter but truth; many of the managers take their juniors for granted. They think juniors are nothing but their slaves. And, for this stupidity of a manager, the companies have to suffer in the form of losing an important employee. At the same time, there is another side of the story, and we must not ignore that too. The main reason behind this behavior of managers is their senior managers. In a corporate world, it is all about targets and everyone from top to bottom is a victim of targets. This pressure of achieving realistic and unrealistic targets often force manager to behave inhumanly. However, if you really want to be a good manager, you must not let this pressure overrule you. Instead, you need to learn the secrets of mastering yourself about the things that prevent you from becoming a good manager. In this article, I will tell you about five such things.

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1No Well Defined Goal

Whether it is about organizing a family function or an international business, if you have a clear vision of what is being expected from you i.e. a clearly defined target, then it becomes easier for you to move forward in that direction.

But it is often seen that the goals are not clearly defined. Very often it happens that you are clueless about the goal that you are expected to work for and you keep on wasting your time on something that is not meant for you.

You do not have to take a degree in robotics to understand that you will not be able to reach there until you know where to go.

In such a way, you keep doing things in your own way. In the last minute, when you have to re-route yourself towards a completely new goal, you will be left with no option, but screaming at your colleagues.

Therefore, it is very important to have an open discussion about your target and expectations. This discussion will not only help you to understand your goal but will also empower you with the required force to hit it correctly.

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To have a strategy that really works, having a thorough understanding of your goal is a major requirement. Therefore, never hesitate and ask as many questions as you have in your mind.

In case, you think that asking questions is a sign of stupidity, then you are gravely mistaken. Always keep in mind that you won’t be able to get something done from your team unless you clearly define them your requirements, procedures, and deadlines. So, your understanding matters the most.

2You Are Not Organized

We are not busy, but disorganized, they say. As a manager, we lose our temper, when things go out of control and we miss a target. On top of this, we often ignore the reasons behind this. There are two main reasons –

  1. Unclear target
  2. The disorganized way of hitting that target

Undoubtedly, when you are disorganized, you will have to face difficulties in doing things. As a result, your performance is going to deteriorate. Do keep in mind that when you miss a target, your boss is going to behave like an impatient soul and this is further going to decrease your productivity.

However, you need to stop this, and you should keep the following things in mind –

  1. You should work on a strategy that lets you foresee the difficulties in achieving goals.
  2. No wonder, every task in the office is equally important, But, you can always postpone something not so important, for some time. The point is, not to miss the deadline.
  3. Learn to prioritize your problems. Try to deal with the most important/major problem first. Many times, we miss seeing the bigger side of a problem. We often ignore problems that initially look like a small one. But, with the passage of time, they become big and pops up like a rock. At that time, eliminating them become a challenge.

It is not necessary that every chaotic/disorganized person is unskilled. Many times you make mistakes in not understanding the priorities correctly. Therefore, it is very important to organize and prioritize things.

3Unidentified Issues

Despite having a well-framed strategy for doing things, you have to deal with problems that appears all of sudden. We call them, unidentified problems. In such cases, you are asked to pause the work that is close to the end and devote your whole energy to fix that unidentified problem.

There are times when you have to ignore these problems because your plate is already full. And when you get to know about the complexity of the situation, it is already too late.

According to experts, most problems die unsolved because of a misjudgment. As they say, “it is now or never.”

When you have an encounter with such an unidentified problem, distracting from the goal is natural. However, the solution is – solving these problems patiently. To do this, you need a deep understanding and a strategy to conquer that problem.

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4Lack of Coordination With Colleagues

Many people believe that the job of the manager is doing nothing, but passing orders and finding faults. If you are a manager and think so, then you think absolutely wrong. In fact, the manager is like an army-man, who, sometimes, has to keep his own work in front of co-workers as an example.

As a manager, it is you, who have to tell colleagues what to do and how you want them to do. Although it is not an essential requirement, yet if you give them clear directions, you can expect them to work properly and meet your expectations. Otherwise, they will follow your instructions but not in the best way. Consequently, you have to waste your time in fixing their bugs and framing a new set of instructions.

In such a situation, neither you nor your colleagues will be happy with the things. Additionally, no one is going to hit the target. In the end, you will have to face the pressure. Eventually, you will end up with one option – shifting pressure on to your colleagues. This will increase the frustration level and finally, they will quit.

In contrast, if colleagues get accurate directions and examples, then they will do everything properly. Eventually, you will discover that they have become more enthusiastic and productive. Therefore, instead of exercising control over colleagues, you, as a manager, must learn how to control yourself.

Do you need any help? Talk to an expert.


When something goes wrong, blame shifting is the first thing we all do. Quite an easy thing to do, though. When things do not work the way, we want them to; we try to find every possible justification for that, but not the reason.

However, by doing this, we only broadcast our immaturity. If you want to be a good manager, learn how to solve them rather than running away from them. If there is a failure, we must show some courage and take the responsibility.

As a manager, you should understand your rights and responsibilities in well advance. In addition, it is important to understand your job profile and boundaries of the work area.

Try to work on your conduct and way of working. This way you will be able to manage things in a better way.