Tips For Improving Memory And Concentration

Tips For Improving Memory And Concentration
Tips For Improving Memory And Concentration
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  1. Use it or loose it.
  2. Quit multitasking.

With more or less workout, depending on the capabilities of each, everyone can improve their memory.

Are you constantly forgetting things? ‘Focus! Why do not you listen? Stop dreaming! Be neater! You too fussy! Do people often serve you with these comments? Is it something to do with your ears? No! nothing wrong with your listening abilities, but it is a matter of concentration, experts say. It is just a warning of your brain that has become too sedentary. However, with more or less workouts,anyone can improve their memory. Here are a few tips for improving memory from the books of specialists and neurologists


Whether you read books or all sorts of items online, it is important to put your brain to work. As you accumulate more information, the more your brain will make more links and you will be able to remember all sorts of things faster. What is the last book you read?

Ginkgo Biloba

Yes, we know, Ginkgo Biloba teas do not taste good, but are very effective for memory. This herb improves blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain, thus improves brain’s running ability. If you do not like tea, try to take Ginkgo Biloba supplements, which not only stimulates memory, but increases the reaction rate and provides mental clarity.

Attain More And Retain More

Wikipedia now gives us the answer to all sorts of problems and curiosities. Your child asks you why or why is the sea salty moon sits in the sky? Read as much information about such things, and your brain will be trained.

Pair Information Between Them

If you have a difficult time remembering a phone number or a name, try to visualize it and associate it with something. Make a game that will help you remember more easily. For example, do not try to memorize a mobile phone number in one go, but try to split it in by 2 or 3 groups of digits. You will be amazed to know that this way you can retain things easily.


As you train your muscles at the gym, you can always train your memory. Try games like Sudoku, crosswords or untie fun with strategy games. Every game makes you think about it is and this is going to be a best of gymnastics for the brain.

Sleep well

The easiest and most pleasant thing you can do for your memory is – sleep. While you relax, you recover memories and this strengthens the brain. So make sure to get enough sleep for your body to do its job.

Go For A Walk Every Day

Studies have shown that it takes a walk of only 10 kilometers per week to keep your brain in shape. Not only will benefit your memory, but also the entire body that you will keep healthy.

Whether you go camping in the mountains or go on city breaks, your brain will relax. Plus, you will have a chance to read about those places. Stress affects your ability to concentrate, how to judge things and general health.

Learn to avoid it. Do some meditation and learn to be calmer and more relaxed.