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Tips for Dating – How To Win A Date From A Dating Mobile App
Tips for Dating – How To Win A Date From A Dating Mobile App

Tips for Dating – How To Win A Date From A Dating Mobile App


Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.



  1. Girls hate fake people.
  2. Be what you are.
  3. Honesty is the best policy.

Some people are so unlucky with online dating that even Tinder cannot help them.

There was a time when dating was a challenge. Before forming a relationship, two people had to meet in person. But, then came the online dating. Remember the Yahoo Chat; Yahoo Chat Rooms and Bots. ASL (age, sex, and location) was the first ever information people used to share. But, now is the era of the mobile phone. Our phones are getting smarter and we are becoming idiots. Dating is freakishly easy now; all you need is a mobile dating app.

Recent years have seen the launch of a number of such applications; The best thing about most of these applications is that they can be downloaded free of cost.

Fill in a few columns seeking your personal information on apps like hinge, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Plenty of fish, and so on and you are done. You can now do fishing; there are plenty of fish available.

But, hang On.

No offense, but if you think your iPhone can get you a date with the most sumptuous and luscious girl of the town, then you are on the wrong bus dude.

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So, what to do? Here are a few tips that you must not ignore when you want to win a date from a dating mobile app.

Select Right Photo

Stop pretending yourself as a Pierce Brosnan or Tom Cruise. Be what you are and don’t try to be what you cannot. I have seen many people using fake photos or photos that hide more than they show.

Do keep in mind that photo is going to be the only thing that will grab the attention of potential dating partners; use something that is real, clear, and honest.

Be it any mobile app, however, the chances of winning a date depend largely on you profile pictures. An idiotic profile picture could stop potential matches to show more interest in you.

Try to use as many photos as you can. Ideally, you first upload an attractive profile picture photo of your face, the second profile picture should show your stature and third can present your lifestyle or hobby.

Who You Are

Guys and girls, you need to be serious about your profile information. Stop telling people how fake you are. No one in this world is so fool to trust you blindly; not at least in the aisles of online dating. People can smell things from miles.

Should you be cooking stories, girls are going to get you one day. And, that day is going to be very bad for you. I really mean it. Keep in mind that even if you are using a dating app, your ultimate goal is to know people face-to-face and one day you are going to meet them in person.

Thus, there is no point leaving or portraying yourself as someone you are not.

What are afraid of? Why are you hiding things? If you think there is nothing good about you, stop faking. Girls love real people. But, if you got things to show, do not hesitate to show. Show whatever you got; be it fascinating facades of your life, interesting job or hobby.

Don't Be Rude and Don't Be Mute

Always answer. This is how you are going to crack or close deals. Even if you receive a message (on dating application that I am using), from a person that does not seem to fascinate you more; do not ignore him/her, but revert him/her.

Instead of avoiding sending a reply, you must let the other person know that you are not interested.

Teach Your Fingers When To Send A Message

If it’s a weekend, dear ladies, resist from entering text messaging after dark. Ghosts around. The chances of having an unpleasant encounter with a sex offender are very high. Do it, if you are looking to hook up.

Just make sure you do not rush things too much. Ger yourself a tattoo – “slow and steady wins the race”.