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Want To Have A Perfect Date? We Have Some Tips For You!
Want To Have A Perfect Date? We Have Some Tips For You!

Want To Have A Perfect Date? We Have Some Tips For You!

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Dating is different for each and every person. Some go on casual dates, some go on blind dates, some hope that they find their soul mate and some just don’t want to spend another evening on their lazy couch and want some company. Every other individual take dating in their own way.

If you ask someone, what to do on a first date, the answers would differ a lot and there would be a lot of opinions. Going on date may seem like a huge commitment but it is not. It is rather exciting and adventurous. It’s like a fresh start; you begin a new relationship which can end up however you want it to. But, if you want to have a perfect date, you surely need some tips.

Everyone loves the beginning parts of relationships where everything is all good and great and all you have to do is have fun. Well, same is with first dates. You have this adrenaline rushing through your veins and all you want to do is impress that person. That is the excitement we need in life.

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First date can build up a lot of pressure on how to impress the other person and get a second date if you like him or her. It is not that difficult. Some would say ‘just be you’ or they may tell you about the general paying conflict.

Yeah, you have to be yourself obviously and the paying thing can be easily resolved but there are many other things you should do on a first date so that the other person knows you are interested.

Comfort Is The Priority

Thinking of wearing a golden short dress with 6 inch heels to your first date? I am warning you already, don’t even think of it. As for boys, you think she would be impressed by a tuxedo? You are thinking it all wrong then. Whatever you wear, be comfortable in it. I mean, don’t go in sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. That’s just ruining it already.

Wear something that you know looks good on you and you are comfortable in it too. If you don’t know where you are going yet, go for something neutral that can save you if you go somewhere formal.

You can always find clothes that won’t be objected whether you go to a party or a funeral. Something like, a little black dress for girls and boys you can slay with a jacket and a shirt along with some jeans. Nothing too fancy, you are not seeing the queen for dinner.

No Hunger Strikes

It doesn’t make sense that you go on a date to a great restaurant and you come back empty stomach just because you were afraid that the other person might see you eating. That’s just ridiculous.

If you go to a place to eat then you should actually eat, don’t sit there munching on a salad. It would actually be good when both of you would enjoy the food and each other’s company.

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There are so many places in your vicinity where you can go to. Apps like nearbuy, Zomato etc. will help you choose your preferred place, and you can even avail nearbuy coupons as well to reduce the burden on your pocket.

You Have The Confidence In You

Would you like a person sitting in front of you with shaking hands or stuttering while speaking? Obviously, no. You surely wouldn’t like it if that stuttering person is you.

Be confident and show your date that you are interested in doing this and you are not intimidated by him/her. Girls would think that shyness is the way to go but no. Men like a strong woman on their side who can compliment him and is not dumb. So, show him that you are the goddess he is looking for.

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Men should also make their date feel comfortable so that at the end they don’t go like, “we should just be friends”. That’s a total waste of time. Make her feel comfortable in your company so that she wants to spend time with you and doesn’t want to run off.

Keep That Phone In Your Pocket

You haven’t come on a date with your phone. You can do that at home too. A beautiful human being is sitting next to you so appreciate that he/she has taken time out of their schedule and agreed to meet you.

We all are fixated on our phones at all times and dates are some getaways we get. We should use up that time to know the other person better, after all that is what you are here for. Have some fun and for once get out of the digital world.

Don’t even keep your phone on the table. It is extremely rude to have your phone anywhere in sight while having dinner with a person you are going on a date for the first time.

It may seem like to the other person that you are not interested which you are obviously not if you keep looking at our phone. Also, you are not 16 anymore, so the whole world does not need to know through snapchat or instagram that you are on a date.

Bring Out The Talker In You

The sole purpose on going on a date is getting to know the person better. You want to know whether both of you would compatible together, doesn’t matter if you decide to be friends at the end, even that is something.

You should try to ask him/her about things like, how was your day, likes, dislikes and how he/she spends his/her time usually etc. Just some general questions which the other person wouldn’t mind answering should be put up on the table. There shouldn’t be any awkward silence between the both of because that just ruins it all.

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Asking a person about marriage and stuff like that should be off the table. These are the questions which would make him/her run towards the hill. Maybe they are not looking for something serious or even you are not but you just ruin it for yourself by asking it. The main goal is to keep the conversation going.

Honest Is A Limited Benefit Policy

Being honest is very important for building a foundation of any relationship. You don’t want to go lying about yourself on the first date, lies catch up my friend. Be honest about yourself. Tell them if you don’t like something.

It will be weird if you tell them later that you are not a non-vegetarian when you are sitting in a place famous for its chicken. Then you’ll look like some fool. It is not just food, tell them about things which will make you connect with them and when they look in your eyes they know you are being honest.

Don’t be too honest as well. You obviously don’t want to go on ranting about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. He/she is here to know you so that you both can go on and build something and not to listen about how you are hung up on your ex. You can save the details for the next date, if you are lucky.

Moments Are All You Need

At the end, all we crave for are small moments of love. You can start to build a connection by maintaining eye contact with the other person. It is the key to impress anyone. All of us like someone who looks us in the eye while talking to us.

That’s the ideal way to converse. Also, don’t just sit there talking, compliment the other person. Only men are not supposed to throw in the compliments, girls can do it too. You can compliment him by saying that the colour of his shirt suits him and something more like that. Boys don’t really ask for much.

Guys already know how much the ladies love compliments; they didn’t spend 5 hours to dress up for no reason. Shower them with some then. Make every moment you spend with each other special.

Huge gestures may not work sometimes but small ones surely do. Going on a first date with someone is all about that. Your actions and words all together will help you make the first date perfect when it could go in all the wrong directions.

All the nerves would be worth it when you go home satisfied and happy that you spent time with the particular person. If you put in some effort you will surely enjoy the other person’s company as well.

First dates may turn into something major because of this, you never know.