Things You Should Never Disclose To Anyone

Five Things You Should Never Disclose To Anyone
Five Things You Should Never Disclose To Anyone
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Happy are those, who are not much socialized and at least not social with socially sick people; the backbiters.

We are living in a society, where the best friends like concepts dying every moment. Regardless of the age of your friendship, you cannot trust anyone with your secrets. It isn’t always in your best interest to share every fact and aspect of your life. Sharing every nibble of your life is not at all necessary and usually, leads to misconceptions. Today, I am going to talk about five things you should never disclose to anyone.

1The particulars of your lifestyle

This is very important that you must not share every little venture of yours. We all are consistently trying for making our lives better.

But, the secret is never disclosed anyone about whatever you are going through and you shouldn’t be bragging or showing off, as well.

Remember, if you keep on sharing the parts of your life with people, soon you will fall in love for the praise of others; your satisfaction will be based on praise of others and finally, you no longer will be living life for yourself.

2Never share your financial condition 

Whether you are doing financially good with your life or you are facing a hard time, never disclose your financial situation to anyone.

In case you are doing financially good in your life, by telling others about your financial wellness, you may attract needy people; those who looking for a financial help. And, if they are your near ones; you may not be able to ask them for paying you back in the future because of your relationship with those.

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And, In case you are not doing financially good, by telling others about your financial problems, you may be telling them in advance that they should not offer you any financial help.

3Do not talk about your family conflicts

There is no single house that is free from issues and troubles. Every family has issues and the best thing is – those troubles are of very personal nature, no outsider can offer any help.

I know, how comfortable it feels when you tell your version of the problem. However, you have no idea that how much disgrace or embarrassment you are buying for your family after breaking the silence from the secret.

Moreover, negativity is not going to sort the situation. Instead of talking about family, it is better to talk with family. Let confidential information stay that way.

Do not confuse things. There is a difference between getting help and counterproductive sharing. Sharing is appropriate if you are telling your therapist or friend what’s going on in order to have their view on the story. Otherwise, it is best not to unzip your mouth in front of everyone.

4No need to tell about your enlightenment

A lot of people do meditation and Reiki. If you have an experience or mindfulness practice that has brought you a sense of enlightenment, there are better ways to share that perspective and feelings than simply stating your state.

The same goes for education and wisdom. If you are providing unsolicited examples of your brilliance, you are driving people away from you. If someone wants to know your qualifications, they will specifically ask. In the meantime, you need to stop yourself.

5Keep your noble deeds a secret

Stop telling others how good and generous person you are. No one wants to listen about your good deeds and get me right here, no one is interested in your noble deeds.

At the same time, you might be degrading them. A few of them may consider it disrespectful because you are telling them that you are better than them.

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The whole idea is – keep your goodness to you only. In your attempt to make people think more highly of you, you may end up forcing them to have doubts on you.

By self-praising, you are trying to make people think you are hiding many things.

6Never disclose your deepest ambitions

My mother used to say that do not disclose your plans unless you make them happen; people are going to hex that.

I never believed in that black magic shit. But, I have noticed that many of my plans that I discussed with friends, never worked. The actual reason is not the hex, but our brain itself.

When we talk about future goals, our brains perceive this action of speech as a productive achievement towards our goal.

It doesn’t matter if you are explaining to a friend, your brain feels it’s done and that is the moment when you loses motivation.

Next time, do keep in mind these five things that you should never disclose to anyone.