Things you should do before your workout

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Go anywhere, it is all about gym & fitness clubs, home and plots for sale, easy home loans, jewelers and smart schools; roads, flyovers, and electricity poles are completely occupied with their hoardings.

Sometimes I feel, perhaps these are a few major troubles our society is going through. Women are crazy for size zero and men are dying for biceps and six-packs, and believe me, in most cases, it is about making their tribal tattoos feel good.

Jokes apart. There are countless articles about how to stay fit, what workouts one should do and how to look. But, a few myths that we follow are ruining our workouts. If you are really concerned about the returns for all your invested hours, follow these tips.

How much WATER one should drink before a workout?

Many people will say one should drink liters of water before exercise. Undeniably, you must stay well hydrated while exercising. However drinking too much during exercise can cause nausea and cramps.

According to the experts, one should drink 15 to 20 ounces of water and that too before an hour or two of starting. In addition, drink another 8 to 10 ounces before 15 minutes and 8 ounces after every 15 minutes of your exercise.

If you generally sweat more, you should drink more. The idea is, replace every pound lost with fluid.

How much FOOD one should eat before a workout?

There are debates whether or not one should eat before a workout and how much. A few says empty stomach training means more fat burning. But, do you think you can turn your car on with an empty tank?

I don’t think so. We need to understand the simple science behind eating and workout. If you are on a heavy meal, you are actually directing or I would say diverting, a portion of your blood from muscles to digestive system of your body.

We know, blood is our body’s oxygen delivery system and thus, after diversion you will be left with lesser oxygen available for your muscles. So eating too much is not good. But this doesn’t mean you should not eat anything before workout. According to experts eating apples, nuts etc., that are easy to digest and offer you the required energy.

How much SLEEP is required before workout?

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Not only a kindergarten rhyme, but a secret to a beautiful life. Staying fit asks for a commitment, but not at the cost of your health; you need to strike a balance, dude!

Sleep deprivation can cause impaired balance, appropriate focus and inefficient calorie burning. Sleep deprivation means unproductive workout sessions, improper immune system, problems with tissue repairs, and growth.

The secret is – sleep deprivation means disturbed stress hormones. This simply means everything done so far in the gym is useless.

How much COFFEE one should drink before or after workout?

Whether to have a cup or two of coffee before and after workout is justifiable? Many people ask this question on discussion forums. It is good to have a cup of coffee 90 minutes before starting workout; it will stimulate energy production, helps you in fat burning and you will perform better.

After a workout, you need recovery meal and not coffee because your muscles will be built after a workout and not during it.

How important is to fix a GOAL before a workout?

Should you be do anything without a goal in mind, you are already wasting it. Same is the case with a workout. Before you start, it is smart to make a plan.

What your priority is and for what you are sweating? Want to lose weight; look what exercises are as good for that.

Are you aiming for a marathon; find something relevant. In addition to your goal, the next most important thing – never let your motivation level come down.

How important is WARM-UP before a workout?

We should never skip warm-up before doing any sort of workout. Ask your trainer for a well-designed warm-up for you, as this will not only increase muscle temperature, but will also help your muscles to work up to their maximum.

Before you start with anything else, it is advisable to start with a treadmill or stationary bike.