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Things To Do With Your Partner After Sex
Things To Do With Your Partner After Sex

Things To Do With Your Partner After Sex


If you want to keep the connection alive between you and your spouse, keep surprising your partner with something new; something pleasant.

In most cases, after a successful sexual session, couples start behaving like strangers. A sudden shift in priroties; from sex to sleep. And, if not, then they start arguing over an old issue. But, this not the right way of saying goodnight. By doing this, the couple is actually deteriorating their relationship. Hugs, caresses, and talks after sex can keep your both close to each other. If you don’t know how to sign-off, here are a few things to do with your partner after sex. These little adjustments in your post-sexual routine can increase your interest for sex.

Give your partner a massage

Yes, you read me right. Rubbing bodies is not only good during sex. I know, many of us initiate their sexual session with massage techniques; through relaxation and physical legitimacy. But, little did they know that massage after sex can be even more intimate.

And, if you are not using massage as one of your post-sexual technique; it is a good way of reaching making your partner feel loved and appreciated, and that too without wanting something in return.

Feed each other

Try this; an amazing and helpful strategy. Don’t get me wrong, but if you think that feeding each other after sex is weird, then, you are gravely mistaken. According to area experts, feeding each other with snacks under the sheets; it can seriously take your privacy to a new level.

Resume foreplay

I know, after reaching climax, most couples look for an escape from the bed; no kissing and hugging afterward. But, trust me, a softer version of foreplay like erotic touching, kissing on the sensitive zones, can be a great way to connect with sex. And, it costs nothing.

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A little session of foreplay after sex is a brilliant way of transforming your physical intimacy and expressing your emotions for each other.

Be on the same page

Instead of arguing on a past issue, it is good to read or talk about something that can keep you both on the same page.

The idea is – avoiding any verbal argument by avoiding any difference of opinions. The logic is – increasing the harmony even after having sex. It helps you both to feel more intimate and more connected.

If you guys love reading books; read a book together as it can land you at a common topic of discussion.

Feel the breath

The idea is to sync your breath. For this, keep your arms in the spoon position and breathe in sync. There are studies with a claim that cardiac and respiratory rhythms of couples tend to synchronize when they are close.

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However, a few people say that this may increase empathy and intimacy between the relationship. But, in either case, feed yourself with positive.

You both deserve compliments

It is an awesome post-sexual technique; reward your partner with a few compliments related to the sex that you just made or about you partner as a person. This can give the feeling of butterflies in the stomach. And, this will make your partner happy.

The sole idea of discussing these things to do with your partner after sex is strengthening the connection and, thus, a healthy relationship.