Things that most of us are going to regret in old age

Things that most of us are going to regret in old age
Things that most of us are going to regret in old age
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Life would be more beautiful if we did not have any regrets, but unfortunately, it is impossible to not to be a part of life’s maze.

People die with regrets and pains. We all are under a mandatory requirement of putting our sincere attempts while solving this riddle and we all are expected to go through the states of melancholy and frustration. Dare to deny, when I say, old age is the time when we are most troubled by these lifetime achievement awards; frustrations, wrong decisions, wrong priorities, and so on. By this time they realize that left time is slipping through their fingers like sand and they have not done anything great in their lives. All they have at the end are – unanswered questions – they did not fight more for their dreams, they lost some people because they did nothing to hold them together, they are a reason behind the tears of many people, they never had blessings of anyone, and no one is really concerned about them. Trust me, you might not be worried about below cited things now, but I promise, there will be a time when you will be madly looking for the answers to these. But, should you not want to be a depressed soul in your later age, do find your answers for these.

Fear of Change

I have seen many oldies sharing their painful stories. “I should have taken a stand. I should have tried a little more. I should have shown a few more seconds of courage.” Leave aside your fears and fight for the thing that you want the most in life. Even if you fail in some respects, at least you know you tried. Thus, it won’t be a lifetime regret, especially in old age. If you need something, go get it or try your level best to get that.

Staying in a Toxic Relationship

The second saddest thing that I have heard old people saying a lot is – they spend their whole life with a person who never valued them. I don’t think that it takes a lifetime to find out whether a person is good for you or not. I do not understand, how come someone can spend his whole life with someone who never gave a single reason to smile. This is an important life lesson, my dear reader. You should think about it and you must quit a toxic relationship at the soonest possible.

Quit Dreaming Endlessly

Once you reach old age, people realize that they have not traveled enough and realize they will not have the opportunity to make trips of their dreams. Do not make too many plans for the future, but always take advantage of the present moment. Learn to live in the present because present means happiness, as future is always uncertain. Stop dreaming about endless journeys, as the world is never going to end.

Loss of the Opportunity to Say – “I Love You!”

Perhaps such a time is frustrating, but more obtrusive will be that moment when you realize you did the biggest mistake of the life by not expressing your love to someone you loved so much. Why you start behaving so unreal when it is about showing your true emotions to someone, who really means a lot to you? The beautiful words spoken from the heart at the right time will make them feel special. Do I need to tell you that you will be remembered for both good and bad words that you are saying to others?

Too Much Care What Others Say

Whatever you do with your life, there will always be people who criticize you. So, you should not guide yourself by the opinions of others, but yourself. Learn to detach yourself and fight for what you want in life. Do not give up your dreams just because others disagree. Eventually, it is not their destiny, but yours. You have the right to pencil exactly as you want.

Putting Others Plan First

Stop trying to make others happy. No doubt, a life lived for others’ is a life worthwhile, but you must learn everything about the person, whom you are signing your life to. Maybe, he doesn’t deserve even a bit of your time and you are putting his plan in actions before yours. Stop doing that because no can buy you happiness, but yourself. Stop searching your happiness from others. You have the right to happiness and you’ll get only when you rise up and fight for what you want to have.

Too Much Work

Another regret that older people usually have is related to the fact that they worked too much in their lives. Then, they believed that the only way they would, maybe even have achieved some goals, but they forget to enjoy what life offers beautifully. Spend more time with your loved ones, do not neglect your hobbies and relax. You need all these treasures in your life. Stop being a workaholic. The best award of the life is – a beautiful life with beautiful people, carrying beautiful smiles and beautiful hearts, full of beautiful wishes for you.

Often, for various reasons, people think it’s easy to give up a person who upsets you with something. In the old age, there will be many regrets about the fact that they gave up so many things including people that were so easy to keep be it friend, lover, relative or a dream. Think carefully about these and try to change something in your life.

Do not be afraid to fight for what you want, do not settle for things that make you temporarily happy, but always trying to change what you really want.