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Things Not To Wear On A Plane

Things Not To Wear On A Plane
Things Not To Wear On A Plane
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Next time you board a plane, you should consider some details that could make your flight more enjoyable.

Being a frequent traveler, I get chances to see people waiting for their boarding clearance right next to the airport queues. What makes me laugh sometimes is – their dressing sense. I swear to God, a few of them get dressed like they are going to attend a wedding ceremony. Then, throughout their flight they behave like they have something in their pants; totally disturbed. Ladies and gents; allow me to share a million dollar’s secret with you; no matter what kinda dressing style you have, but if you want a relaxed fly time, here are the things not to wear on a plane.

Complicated clothes

Before choosing your dress for the day of departure, think about how your day is going to be. Are you going to have a long flight or shorter one? I mean, perhaps you are going to stay in a confined space for a long time. Practically, there is no much space between aircraft’s seats. Also, aircraft toilets are all in small spaces. Now, imagine yourself wearing a complicated dress and finding no space to adjust the same while using the washroom? Seriously! you need to avoid clothes with many zippers and buttons.

All summer clothes

It is okay to pack your bags with seasonal clothes before you go on a vacation to place with high temperatures. But, here is a mistake most of us do. While packing your clothes for a destination next to the beach, most of us forget about the temperature of the plane.

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You are never going to know how cool it is going to be on the plane. So, it is always advisable to pack a sweater, a pair of socks, a blanket and other objects like a beanie that can keep you at the right temperature, as and when required.

Only slippers or no slippers

Again, it is about the temperature in the aircraft. When you pack your luggage for a summer vacation, put your slippers in the suitcase. This is for two possible reasons; if it is cold on the plane, wearing a pair of slippers can really freeze your feet.

And, another reason is; if it is hot during the flight, this will result in sweating, and finally, you will have stinking feet. I am sure, you don’t want people to give you eyeballs for your smelly feet and that too in a confined space. The best thing is to choose a pair of slipper that can comfort you in both situations listed above.

Clothing that irritates

Here is another tip that you should keep in mind before you pack your bag; look what material your clothes are made of. It is good not to pack any such cloth made of a material that irritates you. You don’t want your co-passenger to look at you, especially when you are scratching your back or adjusting your undies.

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I don’t need to tell you that temperatures in plane fluctuates a lot and you can feel heat and cold at the same flight. In that case, if you are wearing something that disturbs your skin; you are going to be in a trouble. Personally, lace and wool are more uncomfortable than usual. In addition, when you are in a chair for a long time, these fabrics are even more annoying.

Uncomfortable shoes

Last, but not the least; watch out for your shoes. I have seen ladies trembling on the elevators because of their high heels. Be wise, you never know how far is your flight waiting area from the airport entrance. So, make sure you have a pair of comfortable shoes; just in case, if you need to run to the plane.

However, you can always wear your favorite pair of heels or brogues, when you get down to your destination. Another reason behind not wearing uncomfortable shoes is; legs swell on the plane. Yet, another reason to avoid high heels and uncomfortable shoes.

I hope these tips are going to help you a bit. Do you have any more tips to share; feel free use the comments space below.