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Things An Indian Man Wants In His Wife
Things An Indian Man Wants In His Wife

Things An Indian Man Wants In His Wife

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Men are equally interested in long-standing relationships
  2. Men fall in love with women having a warm, pleasant and a calm attitude
  3. We need to set aside our egos.

When it comes to marriage, woman’s personality is more important than a woman’s physical appearance. Find out what qualities men want from a future wife.

A very common notion is that most of the women want to get married and have children, while men are terrified of the idea itself only. But, reality is far from the truth. Studies have now shown that men are equally interested in long-standing relationships and having children. Here are a few things an Indian man wants in his wife.


The first and most important quality that every Indian man looks for is honesty. After all, who would be willing to live their lives with a person who is hard to trust?

So, it is honesty and authenticity on the priority. In case you are trying to look different from what you really are; do keep in mind, you are representing yourself as an awful and scary choice.


A loving relationship should be based on a strong relationship and friendship. For a man, it is very important to be able to talk openly with his partner without feeling judged, criticized or rejected.

Socially, it is believed that men must act like strong men, and must not complain or show weakness. But, in reality; even men need support. The only person they can fearlessly express their fears is the women they love.

Men are attracted to women that make them feel comfortable and confident. To have a woman who offers emotional support and with whom they can be totally relaxed and open is the dream of every Indian man.


Modesty in behavior, a way of dressing and speaking are the important criteria that men have in mind when they seek a long-term partner.

Girl, do keep in mind that for long-term relationships, men seek modest women. For Indian men, personality is more important than physical appearance when choosing their future wife.


Most men are attracted to women with femininity; a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women. Traits such as tenderness, sensitivity or empathy are the things most of the Indian men look for.

It is not true that they are looking for a submissive partner, but they often men fall in love with women having a warm, pleasant and a calm attitude. Indian men always want a nanny around them, but moderately, so as not to turn into teasing. Therefore, they fall in love with women who care for them, even in a symbolic sense.

Sense of Humor

A compatible sense of humor is another important factor when it comes to attraction. Indian men prefer women who appreciate the jokes and not take everything too seriously.

The sense of humor is very important because no one likes a sad soul that works like a wifi modem spreading negative vibes all around.

In addition, another very important thing is a willingness to change. It is not about changing the lifestyle, but the priorities of life.

Men love those women who understand the importance of adaptability in a relationship. Be it a man or woman, to keep a relationship going, we need to set aside our egos.