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There Are No Bad Children, Only Bad Parents
There Are No Bad Children, Only Bad Parents

There Are No Bad Children, Only Bad Parents

Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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  1. Bad children = bad adults.
  2. Trees are a perfect metaphor for children .
  3. The environment they are growing up in matters a lot.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, Osama Bin Laden, James Bulger, and many more names like these! Do you think they were always meant to be criminals? Do you believe that when they were born they were entitled to become bad people as adults?

Not at all! No person in the world is born bad however, bad children can definitely turn out to become bad adults. While growing up children follow their parents religiously. They learn what they see, they tend to pick up each and every minute good or bad behavioral patterns from their parents. So, saying that there are no bad children, only bad parents

Children are lifetime commitments and many don’t realize this. You need to be mentally prepared for such commitments before you decide to have kids. You can’t have kids just because there’s a societal or family pressure.

Remember, when you bring other human beings to the world, you take the responsibility to raise the future of their world. Trust me, you would want to do your job successfully. It’s like giving back something precious to the world in return for everything it has given to you.

When you plant a seed you take care of it from day one. You nurture it so that it grows up into a beautiful plant. Well, your duty doesn’t stop here! In fact, as a plant, it will need more love and care. You have to nurture it every day so that it can stand strong and green.

With your daily care, you’ll not realize and one day you will see your little plant turning into a strong, huge tree – withstanding all the weather catastrophes. Won’t you feel proud seeing how it is fulfilling its purpose; giving shade to travelers and bearing fruits for the mankind!

Children are similar to trees. They also expect your care and love that starts by the time you sow a seed; right from the womb. It is your duty to bless them with all nutrition and nurturing until they can stand of their own as a strong and proud independent adult.

Many parents think that their duty towards kids is only up to their teenage. In reality, your kids will need you more when they reach their 20’s and 30’s. They would love to learn from your life lessons and experiences.

Expecting your children to turn out to be their best version without any hard work from is like expecting from a seed to give you mango without any nurturing. That is not going to happen.

Research says that children of abusive parents never turn out to be generous adults. Kids who have always seen their parents fighting would never like to believe in the foundation of marriage.

They turn out to become commitment-phobics. The environment you provide your kids while they are growing up plays a vital role in their overall grooming as a good human being.

Become their teachers when they are little, their friends when they are in their teenage years and their advisers when the are adults. This is the best way of parenting.

You are going to be their idol and inspiration. Work on yourself first to become the best version of yourself and then become a parent. We are the present and future is in our hands, make sure you build a beautiful future!