The Secrets & Benefits of Meditation

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“Every day I sit down to meditate,” or “Every day I meditate for thirty minutes.” In a sense, meditation is an activity outside.

But, it is also something that takes place in the depths of you. Discussions about meditations and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind – sitting quietly, cross-legged, a calm mind. And, many people think meditating involves seating somewhere in isolation with your eyes closed and not snore. But, in reality, meditation is not just sitting with closed eyes and crossed legs and thinking about everyday matters – money, or to a person of the opposite sex. It is all about finding the inner peace. Do you know, we all meditates; a mother of a child meditates, “It is already 3 P.M in the afternoon, and my baby has not yet returned home. Where is he?” Dog meditates about cats, amateur surfers meditates on the waves, most of the businessmen meditates about money, politicians meditate about the power, and so on. Everything that we focus at is the object of our meditation. In this sense, meditation is neutral – you can meditate or think about anything.

Some experts say that meditation means to achieve such a state of consciousness in which the mind becomes completely quiet and empty. Practically, this is not possible. Don’t you think – when we are thinking that there is nothing in our mind, we are still thinking about something. How can you think of anything?” It only takes a thought, “I think of nothing,” and everything ruins. Our consciousness is always focused on something material or spiritual. In real, all attempts to purify the mind from worldly thoughts is what we can name as something closer to the true meditation. You really need to free your mind of all material shapes, names, questions, problems and concerns. Should you not have anything positive or spiritual to focus your attention on, your mind still will be fighting with preventing unwanted things. We can only sit and wait, hoping that sooner or later our mundane thoughts go away.

Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen to God.

We hope that all of these thoughts ever go away. We are looking for emptiness. The highest state of consciousness, which can be reached once you have the complete emptiness of the mind. According to the teachings of the ancient writings about yoga, meditation in the original sense is a meditation on the Supreme Absolute Truth. Seating positions (asanas), breathing exercises or practices yoga kundalini are the technique that was commonly used for meditation by yogis – especially in the old days, but nowadays, we do not have favorable conditions to carry out these practices. These methods certainly help us relax the body and mind by detaching our mind and senses from the world around us. This way we can focus our attention in one place. Even the so-called meditation teachers will rarely teach you the right techniques. Often, people invest a lot of money and time trying to learn techniques before the meditation, but never come to the question of true meditation on the Supreme Truth. I am no way condemning these techniques, but they are also not complete.

Why Meditate

To better under, “who am I” and to have the knowledge of intrinsic values, we need meditation. Understanding its nature is perhaps now the most common goal of making meditation practices, but this is the most important benefit that brings us to meditation. Meditation gives us a feeling of comfort, full protection, full security and full consciousness.

“Whoever is reached, lives always in the truth and believes that there is no greater gain than this. It is always balanced, even in the face of the greatest difficulties. This condition is true freedom from all miseries arising from contact with the matter”. Bhagavad Gita 6. 20-23

Some people experience a kind of inner anxiety and depression. They do not know exactly why they are more likely dead people or why they are not seeing the point in life. All they feel is inner emptiness and they do not know how to deal with it. To deal with this sort of emptiness is a much deeper problem than stress. Most people who experience this state of overeating, drinking alcohol, taking drugs or so-called antidepressants wanting to forget their inner unhappiness. Meditation allows you to overcome these feelings, and this is done in an artificial way. Through meditation, you can experience real happiness and peace, freedom from fear and depression.

Meditation can really help you by improving your health by ensuring you as a good physical and mental well-being. Doctors increasingly recognize the relationship between physical well-being and state of consciousness. For example, patients suffering from gastric ulcers due to pressure or suggest not only a change of diet, mild exercise, but also meditation. Clinical studies have shown that meditation not only helped a lot of patients suffering from stress, fatigue, blood pressure, but also have reduced the risk of developing coronary heart disease. This sort of mental freedom relaxes the mind and body and as a result, reduced muscle tension help our body’s ability to regenerate. Therefore, let’s add meditation to your life!

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation. Dalai Lama