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The Rising Trends Of Same-Sex Dating In India
The Rising Trends Of Same-Sex Dating In India

The Rising Trends Of Same-Sex Dating In India



  1. Same sex marriage in India is still a 'wtf' concept.
  2. India is not yet ready for same-sex marriage.
  3. Myths behind homosexuality.

Sunday morning it was. I came to my balcony and saw Mr. Sharma reading newspaper. I sneaked, he was checking matrimonial section. “What’s up, Sharma Ji? Matrimonial at this age?”

Nah! Not for me, but for my daughter; checking the matrimony add that I gave for publishing on behalf of my daughter. Next moment, he screamed, “what the hell!” Have you seen this? Mrs. Iyer of Block – B posted a matrimony ad for his son and the shocking part is, she is looking for a groom for his groom. I must say, “same-sex dating in India” is becoming increasingly popular.

“What’s wrong in it?” I bounced back the ball of his question with the same speed. And, after a few minutes, this discussion was more likely a discussion on demonetization; don’t know who behaved like a bhakt and who played anti-modi.

“This is against nature. If a guy is marrying a guy, then how we are supposed to have next generations? All of us are going to be test-tube babies. I believe, these are the losers who cannot afford to have a single person of opposite sex for marrying.

They are kinda scared lambs. They think, they cannot handle someone from opposite sex. I am sure this has something to do with parenting as well. These kinda people are a by-product of poor parenting and child abuse from a particular gender. ” Mr. Sharma said.

Well, I feel sorry, if you think making babies is the only reason for not accepting gays and lesbians. I can give you hundreds of examples where same-sex partners are upbringing kids better than others. I mean, just think about it – how many orphan kids will have their own houses and parents this way?

I feel no problem in saying that what Mrs. Iyer did for her son is a commendable and totally revolutionary thing for the LGBT community in India. All the rules that we live by in the so-called society in India are made up by humans. Let me burst your myths about homosexuality.

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It is not a disease

Years ago, a psychiatrist in the west considered homosexuality to be a type of mental illness. Various treatments were given to the patients to convert them to heterosexual, but all in vain. Those experiments turned off their sexual abilities.

Homosexuality was removed from the list of a psychological disease because soon people understood that it is something natural and prevailing in the world since its existence.

You cannot change their choice

You can control the upbringing of your children, but you’ll never able to control their choices they are naturally inclined to.

You can teach your child to dance, but if she/he is not at all naturally drawn towards dancing, they’ll never learn it and becoming the best dancer is a question out of syllabus.

You know what I mean! You can take the tiger out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the tiger.

Rejection is not at all the reason

Also, rejection is not a reason. Don’t take it otherwise, but let me ask you, “I know you have told me that many times you reject a groom and many times groom must have rejected your daughter. But, are you or daughter planning or marrying in same-sex now? I guess no! Because it is somewhere inside that you want a straight partner for your daughter. As simple as it is.

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I am not advocating Gays and Lesbians and neither I am rejecting the notion. But, how about not making it a national issue, and keeping it neutral? It is nothing, but a scenario of preferences. I like pink, people call it ladies color, and I don’t give a shit.

Our souls have no gender and when we fall in love, it’s not the body we fall for, it’s the soul we fall in love with!