The Question of the Decade Why do women cheat?

The Question of the Decade - Why do ladies cheat?
The Question of the Decade - Why do ladies cheat?
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No one is surprised when a man, especially a handsome and successful man, in a relationship is cheating. But, once you find out that a woman is unfaithful, shock and dismay are immediately noticeable.

At various points in a relationship, one or both partners may drift apart emotionally. Maybe they did not spend enough time with each other and their interests have diverged. They live more like roommates instead as husband and wife. When the woman goes to her husband, to share their frustration and loneliness, he is too complacent or emotionally not ready to work on the relationship. Suddenly she begins to notice other men, at work or at the gym, and would be that they will be noticed. She often recalls how her face beamed every time she saw him, as the sex was exciting, and like a touch of nervousness showed up every time he called. Life and sex with the same person for years can be boring and predictable, but only if both parties admit that. Disappointed by her partner they can begin to be interested in someone new, someone gives their life of a new impetus.

A Promise means Everything. But once it is broken, Sorry means Nothing.

No offense, but we all have been unfaithful once, if only in thought. Are you fantasizing an office mate while practicing sex with your husband a kind of ‘affair’ platonic? Or say “I love you ‘when in reality you are in love with someone else? Not to mention the forms of infidelity that not only limited to the sexual, or emotional, according to psychologists there are so many other reasons for the deception are slightly different.

Emotion versus Erection

In a study, it was concluded that 34% of women and 56% of men who had cheated on their spouses said they were “happily married”, which shows that they are more able to have infidelity and continue to love their spouses. However, in the case of females, an extra-martial adventure not only involves sex, but emotions, connection, and even love. Among those who admitted being unfaithful or be at least 57% professed affection or love for his lover, only 27% occurred in men. As a result, the team determined that women cheat because of those emotional adventures that their partners fail to offer them. So, it is not the erection, but emotion.

Lack of Sexual Activity

Although some studies concluded that women tend to experience a decrease in sexual desire to have the link with their partners over time, despite having an attractive partner. Before breaking a relationship based on affection and companionship, some decide to keep an ‘affair’, says experts. Although if you think about it, you will also find it as a valid reason for them, even though the women did not express so directly.

She Wants to Be Heard

Women love to share their feelings, and the need someone to listen them. But, some men have a limited ability to listen, especially after many years of marriage. If another man has a sympathetic ear and asks the right questions, a woman can share their most intimate thoughts and feelings with him instead her husband. The “emotional affair” can quickly escalate into a physical.

I am GOOD person to FORGIVE you. But, not STUPID enough to TRUST you again.


To Feel Valued

Most women play many roles in her family and bounce of mother and wife to housekeeper, wage earners and chauffeur. For many years the man can gratitude for their contributions show, but every day he listens to all the things to notice, and so also disappears gratitude. She feels neglected and taken for granted, and it is likely that they will be easily seduced by the attention of another man.

A Mid-Life Crisis

Some studies show that women are unfaithful most likely between 30 and 50 years old. At a certain age, women long for the days when they spirited, seductive and confident feel. As soon as the children get older and they have more time and energy to try to rethink their lives and especially their youth women. For some women, captures secret lovers as innocent fun, while some so try to cope with a big change in life. An empty house or a job change means that they yearn for the affection of other men.

If you are not happy with a relationship then end it. DON’T Cheat. 

The Sweet Taste of Revenge

Maybe her husband has cheated on her, or perhaps he was unfaithful in a different way. He may consume a lot of money in a phase of gambling, or he told a lot of lies in year, he drowned his sorrows in alcohol, etc. Whatever the reason is, his wife feels hurt and betrayed. At the same time, she feels entitled to commit a small revenge so internally to get some justice.

To End the Relationship

She is unhappy and exhausted for a long time. As a young girl, she imagined how her life will be, and the reality is far from the hopes and dreams. Instead drawing a line to draw, or to ask for a divorce, she uses an affair, as their exit strategy. In her mind, it’s easier to see infidelity as the reason and choice, but to deal with the real problems. Moving from one partner to another, without being time, also prevents it feels alone.

Numerous Opportunities

In recent decades, women have a lot more opportunities and resources with strange men to come into contact. Be there at work, at parties, the gym or the Internet; it is very easy to be tempted, even if no direct intentions exist. Those who are curious does not even need to go out of the house, many websites and online chat rooms can be used to pave the contacts and so to find a secret lover.

Why we deceive ourselves? Are we so diametrically different men and women? You can sense that many men have been identified with the above points and committed an Infidelity in a romantic boast or fruit of a great void. Women are usually much better at hiding their affairs. It is not uncommon that a woman can hold her affair for years secretly. Women cheat for a variety of reasons, and most are unmet emotional needs. If a woman is cheating, there is a good chance that she is unhappy in her relationship. Studies show that women often fall in love with her affair partner, which in turn complicates reconciliation.

In addition to listening, proper attention must be paid in a relationship and one must keep his partner on the priority. You should be alert and respond to the first signs of a problem, so they can prevent an affair destroys the marriage.