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The One You Are Concerned About is Least Concerned About You!
The One You Are Concerned About is Least Concerned About You!

The One You Are Concerned About is Least Concerned About You!

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Bitter, but harsh. We are living in a world of space shuttles, where the prefix ‘less’ is more likely a helping word now. Emotionless, painless, careless, thoughtless and hundreds of more words with prefix ‘less’ is successfully replacing the human names. Now, we don’t call people by their names, but with a word having ‘less’ as a prefix.

I may be sounding like a gravely sad soul, but I was never like this before. I was not born with a stone in place of the heart. I was known for a person with a large heart. I was a man full of emotions and love. And, out of the way, I happily donated everything that I had; a few happy faces were what I used to strive for. Until the day I figured out that the one you are concerned about is least concerned about you!

It took me several years before I actually saved myself. I won’t say, people cheated me because it was not cheating at all; they fooled me.

I learned a theory in my business studies’ class. The gap between the knowledge you have and the ignorance of the person you are dealing with is your profit.

So, it was not cheating. It was my ignorance and their knowledge. I trusted wrong people. I cried for wrong people. I wiped wrong people’s tears. I helped wrong people. I mistook their pain and it was my ignorance that gave them a chance of looting me.

Ah! I was a fool.

This is what I learned throughout my life. How can my grandfather be wrong about helping others? He used to say, “you have a human inside and never ever let him go before you go.”

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But, today, I have reasons to believe that his principles are no more applicable. The world has changed. We are in century 21st century; a century, where your survival is based on your skills of slaying your opponent without giving him a chance of self-defense.

It’s Kung-Fu time; race or chase are the only options.

Theories like ‘do good have good’ and ‘do good and forget it’ are no more relevant. It is all about money and status. Despite knowing that we are not going to take anything with us on the judgment day, our hunger for accumulating more material things is not ending. Be it our relationships or social status, everything depends on the car we drive, places we go to, the amount of bank balance we have, and the number of visas we have.

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I have seen the same people bypassing me, who at a time were ready to ‘lick my spit’. I did everything I could to make them happy.

Even after having a post graduate degree in finance, I was making wrong investment choices; I was investing in relationships and not in material assets. Now I regret spending thousands of bucks and hours on those, who were not even of a penny’s worth.

Wish, I could have that time back; the time when my friend “Manav” advised me to not to be an emotional fool and be a little selfish. But, I was at the height of my emotional stupidity.

But, this is not only my story, but every intellectual’s. Every intellectual is on a consistent slow-suicide. He is dying every second, every minute, every hour, and every day. And, they are going to die this way in the years to come.