The Logic Behind Men’s Unimaginable Love For The Breasts.

The Logic Behind Men’s Unimaginable Love For The Breasts
The Logic Behind Men’s Unimaginable Love For The Breasts
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The first thing men notice about a woman is her eyes. Then, when her eyes are not looking, they notice her breast. Do you know why?

Experts have repeatedly tried to find an explanation for the attraction of men to bust woman. Experts believe that a woman’s breasts, besides being a symbol of beauty and seduction, are a vital link in strengthening a relationship of the couple. They believe that initially, was a neural circuit that helped develop the relationship between mother and child during breastfeeding. Now, the same circuit is used and if the couple relationship. Males love breasts like babies.

When a woman’s nipples are stimulated during suckling, oxytocin is released in the brain hormone known as the love drug, which helps the mother to focus attention to the baby. Researchers found that the neural circuit is not reserved exclusively for babies’ relationship. Recent studies have shown that stimulation of the nipples of a woman by a man they excite the brain and activate the same areas as in the case of vaginal stimulation and clitoral. Oxytocin is released and when the man stroked the breasts of his partner. Their attraction to breasts appears when they reach puberty. Let me share a few secrets behind men and their fascination for breast.

Amazing Connection With Breasts

Compared with rigid and sober clothes that prevent direct contact with skin, breasts are soft and welcoming. They breasts are the reasons behind men imagination and invite them to comfort and calm. It may seem awkward, but with breasts men do share an amazing connection; breasts remind men of childhood days, the times when mothers protect them from all evil.

Breasts Are The Symbol Of Fertility

Regardless of their size, breasts define femininity and provoke the imagination of every man. These breasts are the symbol of sensuality, and play an important role in seduction scene. Moreover, breasts are a sign of maturity and have close contact with maternal love.

Size Really Do Not Matter And Not A Selection Criterion

Apparently, most men dream of sexy women with large breasts. But according to the latest studies conducted by researchers, it is a matter of natural selection. Men love boobs regardless of size. Most often, large breasts attract the opposite sex because they seem healthy, capable of reproduction. Physical appearance is not always a decisive factor. Outer beauty and erogenous zones are generally used for sexual stimulation.

Breasts Plays An Important Role In Women Arousal

Every man knows that breasts are an important stimulus for sexual women. But, as they are seductive and sensitive, they deliver an immediate reaction when touched. Sensual caresses followed by a gentle massage can drive both a man and woman to a state of heightened arousal. Of course it must not forget that bites or aggressive touch can cause pain.

Men Are Visually Stimulated

Dear ladies, let me tell you that first impression plays an important role, and when it is about breasts, should you have a good breast, you are going to gain more attention from the opposite sex. Unlike their female partners, men are strongly influenced by what they see. Therefore, well shaped breasts or well defined outline of a blouse are details that could not go unnoticed from the vigilant eyes of men.

Woman’s Breasts Are Always Put In The Spotlight

Certainly, you might wonder often what causes a male obsession with breasts. An important factor in the coverage of this subject, allow me to connect this issue with beauty magazines or advertisements, have a look at the default models who have established certain standards over time. The fact is that a woman’S neckline in immediately propelled in spotlight meaninglessly.

Breasts Are Considered Taboo

Here is the biggest secret about men and breast connection. Erotic allure is enhanced when men are provoked to use their imaginations about breasts that are permanently hidden from the prying eyes of men. Don’t believe me, try wearing a light color top or something with lacy embroidery, where the upper body is meant to propel more in the spotlight and then check out the men’s reaction. The logic is – anything forbidden becomes more tempting.

Breasts Are The Apple Of Discord

Dear ladies, how many times have you discovered your man not listening to you and lost somewhere in your neck. It feels like ridiculous. But, before you taunt him, you should understand that men are hopelessly attracted to a woman’s breasts. Studies have confirmed that the attraction towards the opposite sex partner’s breasts is physical, psychological and visual.

One of the main reasons why men are attracted to the powerful bust of a woman can be explained and society that encourages this. Whatever the figure is, the bust can easily become the center of attention. Men love to watch breasts because they stimulate the imagination to the fullest. Whatever resist, no man can resist the temptation to gaze generous cleavage.

Ladies, next time you see someone checking your breast, you know why he is doing so. I am not justifying dirty looks, though.