The Disadvantages of Saying Sorry All The Time

The Disadvantages of Saying Sorry All The Time
The Disadvantages of Saying Sorry All The Time
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  1. Directly impact your reputation.
  2. it presents you like a loser.
  3. People are never going to take you seriously.

Is there anything bad in saying ‘sorry’ over and again? Well, most of us believe that using this one word turns you into a humble person. But, the reality is somewhat different.

When I say ‘sorry,’ I am simply confessing my wrong doing. Not many us know that when you keep using this one word as a helping verb, you are losing a lot of things. You are purposely submitting a wrong image of yours. Let me tell you a few disadvantages of saying sorry all the time.


The first thing you going to lose is confidence. Let’s say you have a presentation in the office and you have already dedicated your one hundred percent for preparing it.

But, when you start the presentation with an apology, you lose confidence.

It is like doubting on your own work. There are huge possibilities that the presentation will not go out just like you wanted.


Saying sorry again and again can put you in trouble; you can be labeled as guilty. Take an example that you were involved in an accident, and when the authorities arrive, habitually you start apologizing.

Whether you are guilty or not, you must not lose your chance of defending your opinion. You must bring out all the variables into the notice of the concerned authorities that led to the accident.

You must provide complete information so that the experts can reach conclusions. And if you know you’re not guilty and still, you are apologizing, you will be providing enough ground to the authorities for observing you as an offender from the very beginning.


Sometimes, apologizing too often can directly impact your credibility. Even if it is not your mistake, people will start seeing you as a wrongdoer. People will expect more from you, and without listening to your case they will assume that it is always your fault.


Poor credibility leads to poor reputation and people don’t respect someone with the poor reputation. Repeated bad views about your are surely going to distort the way people relate to you.

For an example – assume you are standing in a queue at the store and suddenly someone overtakes you. Now, you are supposed to tell him to stand in line like everyone else.

However, if you are starting your conversation with a sorry, there are huge possibilities that he loses respect for you.


I am not saying that you should never use this word, but incorrect use can lead to loss of self-esteem.

Frame yourself in a party. Everyone is drinking and suddenly a person bumps into you and drinks spilled on your dress. Now, whose fault is this? Practically, no ones. But, at this instance, your apology would make things confusing for everyone.

Instead of saying ‘sorry’ how about saying, ‘watch out dude!’ But, if you are the one who apologizes first, you are going to lose self-esteem because you may think you are wrong, even when you did nothing.

Friendship or Romantic Relationships

We all know what role communication plays and how it is a key to a successful relationship. But, if you keep presenting yourself as the ‘sorry man’ without any reason, it may represent you as a person who wants to avoid discussion and to bury problems, it is likely to lose your friends.


Undoubtedly, you are going to lose your identity because once you lose your credibility and respect, nobody is going to take you seriously. The fact is – every time you apologize uselessly, you lose your identity bit by bit.

You this habit can lower your self-confidence. Things that you need discussions on, people will never attract take them seriously.

People will take you for granted and when you apologize too often, you will represent yourself as an uncertain and unattractive personality. The first impression is the last impression and most important as well.

Mark my words; this world is ruled by rulers and not by apologists.