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Texting Etiquette - Cracking A Date Is Like Cracking Nuts
Texting Etiquette - Cracking A Date Is Like Cracking Nuts

Texting Etiquette – Cracking A Date Is Like Cracking Nuts

Think about those text messages that make you sit there smiling at your phone.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Throughout our graduation, beside academics, most of our discussions were on one topic – cracking a date with a luscious, chatoyant and dulcet kinda girl; someone who is not so overmodest about being mingled. And, that too through a text message.

Like my others mates, I was also reading wrong books of dating and I was more concerned about my social image. Well, at any cost, I don’t want a girl to label me as a prick or pervert. I always wanted to be in their good books. Despite, having a few mobile phone numbers, I failed in cracking a date unless I met Andrew; the man with the wings.

I have seen him picking girls like every girl was waiting for him only. If you are imagining him someone like Tom Cruise, let me tell you, he was not that handsome.

The only thing he got was – his master degree certification in seduction strategies.

He has been to the classes where he has been told about how to be a puppet master of a woman, and how to make a woman dance on your composition.

He made me understand that this is what it takes and make anyone a deal cracker.

He explained to me the secrets. “Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense,” says a funny quote about finding love.

Over the years, the meaning of this human expression has undergone a sea change.

The advent of technology has encompassed this emotion too. Today, it is possible for people to develop a sense of liking for other over the phone or while texting.

Texting is one of the commonest ways used by boys and girls to communicate. Therefore, anyone who is looking for cracking a date must learn some tips on how to text girls and winning their admiration.

He shared a few techniques that he suggested me to implement for stirring a girl’s interest and keeping her hooked.

Texting helps a man woo a girl without having been out with her on a date. Therefore, it is important to maintaining certain etiquettes rather than indulging in free expression in putting her off.

While out on a date the facial expressions and body language help in delivering the message. Therefore, it is important to pour those expressions in the texts as well.

This can be done with the help of various words or smileys that help to make a message more meaningful. A little creativity can help to win brownie points.

In a conversion always, try having open-ended questions that will provoke a girl to voice her sentiments and keep her hooked.

Close-ended questions, on the other hand, kill the conversation by limiting it and making it brief.

Try to engage in meaningful expression that helps in gathering information about the girl. For instance what she may like in a person, and then, work upon these liking of her to win her.

Girls love to talk endlessly; it is just their second nature to do so. Therefore, in order to win a girl, try to be a patient and attentive to her texts and always be prompt to return all the texts.

And, here is the golden one for you. To keep a girl hooked through texts is to keep telling her occasionally that you have other options available. This will naturally arouse her curiosity and she will be more attentive towards the texts.

Finally, keep your text message short and sweet because no one wants to read essays on the phone!