Text Message Seduction Instead knowing what to text, know how to text.

Text Message Seduction - Instead of Knowing What to Text a Girl, Know How to Text a Girl
Text Message Seduction - Instead of Knowing What to Text a Girl, Know How to Text a Girl
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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In the 21st century, the rules and tactics of dating have changed tremendously. 

Nowadays, one of the most wonderful resources at a man’s disposal is a mobile phone that can easily fit in the palms of his hand. Utilizing a cell phone and text messages, in particular, men can taste the transformation from ho-hum to heartthrob in mere 160 characters. These 160 characters of yours are capable of proving you an insensitive sleazeball. Thus, knowing how to communicate in the right manner with the prospective woman while texting is of eminent importance. The art of text message seduction helps you know the ins and outs of seducing a girl with 2-thumbs over a cell phone. Boys, here some rules that you must follow to master the art of text message seduction:

Text Message Seduction Tip #1  – The First and the Foremost Text

The first text message should always relate in some manner to the moment when you two met in person for the very first time. I don’t need to tell you, a text is always your second impression. Try to relate the message to an interesting or witty topic to your last conversation. Oh yes! You must also introduce who you are, should you have not shared your phone number with her.

Text Message Seduction Tip #2  – Hold Your Response After Her Response

Hoping, she reverts to your text message positively. Good, so now it is the right time to start building and establishing attraction. To do so, you must make sure that you are keeping it interesting and fascinating. Take your time and respond with something funnier than before. The best aspect of text messaging is, you can take a while to think before replying. You do not have to come up with something instantaneously. In fact, it is always wise not to respond right away. The logic is – instant reply will make her feel that you are not a busy person and always available for gossips; you are not at all ambitious. So, hold on for a few minutes before you reply and make her realize that you have loads of other things going on in your life.

Text Message Seduction Tip #3  – Be Precise and Witty

This is the most imperative rule of text message seduction. In case you make a witty comment or reply, only write back the witty comment and skip the rest. Here is an example, let us say she texts you “Hey! my friends just called me up and they want to go out on Saturday. Do you want to come along? BTW, if it is raining can you bring along an umbrella, when you come to pick up.” You can just comment “Oh I knew it from the beginning, you were high maintenance”-Nothing else. This is simply an example, but this keeps the text-messaging concept interesting.

Text Message Seduction Tip #4  – Text Messages simply for Fun Topics

Keep flirting with her by teasing her or calling her names through text messages. These kinds of messages will more likely elicit a response. In case you are not being challenging for her, she will stop responding. Moreover, it is great to drop subtle sexual hints. Text messages can help you gigantically in seducing a girl.

Text Message Seduction Tip #5  – Do Not Text Her Again

Do not text her again before she has responded to one of your messages. While sometimes, text game can go really super fast, like when she is doing nothing and you are on the bus or train. Accept it when she is not replying fast and wait for her to reply. Do not ever send her a text saying “hey you still there?”

Text messaging can be a great fun, but in the end, you want to meet her in person. Work towards that. Text her and tell her that you are going to a house party and if she wishes to “tag along.”

A little play with words can change your fate; especially when it is about online dating.