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Tell Your Teens About The Dangers of Unprotected Sex

Tell Your Teens About The Dangers of Unprotected Sex
Tell Your Teens About The Dangers of Unprotected Sex
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  1. Teens face 'real life' consequences of unprotected sex.
  2. Talk with your kids about these issues.
  3. Before explaining them, you need to have the real information.

In this madly changing world, now, there exists no definite age of entering into the world of adults life. No one really cares about the right time of starting a sex life; people are starting their sex life way before they can understand the complexities of this.

As parents, you need to be very watchful about when your son or daughter starts their journey of this world. You need to make sure that they must bear in mind the pros and cons associated with their sex life, especially about the dangers of unprotected sex.

Unprotected sex got everything required to complicate your ward’s life. And, you not only need to tell your ward about a possible pregnancy, but also about sexually transmitted diseases. No matter how embarrassing you seem to have a discussion on this topic, it is you who must educate them. You cannot trust an outsider for this job.

With puberty, the teenager enters a vulnerable period. We know internet world is full of false information on this niche. One slight mistake and your ward will be exposed to erroneous risks. Although you may have limitation and the child is shy at first, addresses the topic naturally and make sure you have the right and correct information.

Try To Put Yourself in His Place

Most of the information about sex the so-called trusted sources are far from the reality, and teenagers are mostly not aware of the risks of unprotected sex. Therefore, tell your child that physical hazards involved in sexual relations.

Thus, it eliminates the possibility that he take his age and inadequate information to misinterpret things. Also, try to be as explicit as possible because you are dealing with some who is still very young to understand how things are.

Put your ideas in order and prepare for tough questions. Tell about cases where reckless and irresponsible sexual relations had serious consequences for those involved.

Try To Make Them Feel Comfortable

Be as relaxed when talking about this subject as you can because so you will help your child feel comfortable when you address. Do keep in mind, if you make your ward comfortable, then only he will ask questions. It is important to make them feel that you are talking on this topic because you want to educate them and not because you want to impede their freedom.

You need to seek your kid’s opinion because in this way your kid will feel appreciated and be more involved in the conversation. Tell him that the best protection that they can have to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases (condom) even if they are using other methods of contraception.

Attract his attention that sex is not a sport or a fun activity or relaxation, but a serious thing and should be treated with maturity. Also, teach him to be very careful when choosing their intimate partner.

Answer All Questions

A study shows that teens who talk about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases have less chance to begin sexual life early. So, if they ask you question at an early stage, do not delay your answers; deal their queries pragmatically, but correctly.

Remind them unprotected sex means huge chances of sexually transmitted disease.

Tell them, Gonorrhea, HIV infection or HPV, hepatitis B & C. and syphilis are just some of the “silent” diseases, which can be present with no obvious symptoms.