Why Do Some People Prefer To Stay In An Abusive Relationship

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Despite knowing that a person is not good for them and is trying his/her level best to hurt them in every possible way, why quitting that relationship becomes a challenge for a few of us? Why do we choose insults over moving forward? Why are we so scared about forming new relationships?

Question: Why do people prefer to stay in an abusive relationship that is hurting them to the death?

Since last few decades, you must have witnessed a change in love-affairs. Nowadays, love is all about ruling and controlling your partner’s life. Regardless of gender, people are behaving like lunatics. No offense, but emotionally unstable people are becoming victims and instead of retaliating against the person who is consistently abusing them in a relationship, they vote in the favor of those who insult them. In such a scenario, there remains no question of forming a new relationship. In simple words, a few people get so negative about relationships that having a new one is the last thing come to their mind. With this article, I would like to tell you why people prefer to stay in a relationship that is hurting them to the death?

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1Lack of time

Undoubtedly, we have become so busy these days that we do not have the time even for ourselves. In the race to keep ourselves alive, we have forgotten to live. We neither have time for our family nor for our own happiness. Instead of raising our voice, most of us have learned to compromise on things. And, relationships are one of these.

Relationships are of no importance. Now, making money has become the topmost priority.

In such a grim scenario, instead of fixing a broken relationship, we keep hauling the weight of that dead relationship. Our belief system makes us believe that all men and women are the same. Forming a new relationship is not going to bring any harmony and by doing so, we will only increase our troubles.

This is one of the reasons people prefer to stay in an abusive relationship that is hurting them to the death.

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2We do not want to come out of our own world

When it is about the relationship, regardless of gender, both men and women prefer to live in their own world of definitions. They live in a dark tunnel of hope believing that one-day things will change and the person who is presently treating them as a serviette, is going to love them back. To them, that is the only person left on this planet with whom they want to share their life.

Instead of finding a solution, they start treating relationships like a kid, who is told to not to unwrap the gift. He is further told that should he unwrapped it, the gift is going to disappear.

Under such a mindset, how can you expect a person to act freely?

Just to keep that relationship working that person is never going to unwrap the package. For him, opposing those insults mean separation. At this point, forming a new relationship is nothing, but a useless thought.

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3No more trust in the relationship because of a bad experience in the past

I have seen cases where people are scared of forming new relationships because they had some past bad experiences. A bad experience in the past can also prevent you from forming new relationships.

There is no doubt that after having a heartache, we get negative about forming relationships. In case, where even after a bad experience you are forced to stay in a bad relationship (like an ugly fight between a married couple), most of the people prefer to stay alone.

You can imagine a person’s state of mind, who is not allowed to quit a relationship that is hurting him to death. All he/she is asked to do is – keep trying to bring things back on the track.

To an extent, even they know that they are trying to teach a pig how to sing; never going to happen. Now, when you are going through such a painful phase of your relationship, you barely think about quitting and forming a new one.

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Dear friends, you have to understand the simple logic that who has not changed so far, he is never going to change. When you tell someone that you badly need him/her, you give him a chance to treat you like a toy. There is no two opinion in this regard that no one can rule your life without your consent. No one else, but you should be the one to tell you how you should live.

Obviously, to save yourself from dying because of suffocation, you need some fresh air to breathe in. And, to have that most required thing, you need to open all the windows.