Tell someone that you need him and see him playing with your helplessness

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Now the question arises, why sometimes it becomes well nigh impossible for us to quit a person who is hurting us to the death?

No wonder, we are living in a world where humanity and honesty are almost on the verge of extinction and love is the only ray of hope, still glimmering at its dimmest. You must have read a lot of online stuff about men behaving like a crazy punk, when it is about online dating. Unbeknownst to many of us, girls are also not far away from these stupidities; even they do things as if they are out of this world. Undeniably, these so-called love-bargainers sometimes become an easy victim of emotion hunters. The biggest mistake a few of the girls commit and repent afterward is, “ignoring other great potential guys and slaving themselves to the same person who previously caused them problems.Now the question arises, why sometimes it becomes well nigh impossible for us to quit a person who is hurting us to the death?

Do not get me wrong, but it is something perfectly not normal and it shares a greater concern with the nourishment of the victim as a kid. Abuses, lack of affection, stereotype or a past bad experience, are some of the other reasons behind this relationship phobia.

Brought-up and dose of physical & mental comfort.

We people are becoming heck busy these days, as the question of survival is keeping us all on our toes. In a race to beat our financial edges, we are lacking far behind at our emotional fronts and ignoring our children too. Perhaps this is the point where things are diverting from their right direction and discourage us from believing in live-in relationships. Someone who haven’t received an adequate amount of mental or physical comfort or attention never tries to see the silver lining around the cloud. To such a girl, the whole world is full of men with means; she might feel resistant to any other man’s touch. This particular genre always lack the abilities that are a must for expressing emotions, hence, somehow they become pessimists. They have their own mind setups about others and they feel like responding to a new guy will only increase their troubles.

Alice in wonderland – just doesn’t want to come out

At many occasions, ladies live in their own world of fantasies, commitments, dedications, loyalty and illusions. They live in a dark tunnel of hope, believing that one day things will change and the person, for whom they are nothing but a serviette, will love them again. They feel like, this is the only kind of person they want to share their life with. Sometimes their approach of finding the middle ground, heavily rule their mind and they treat relations as if they are a boxing day’s bargain. Like a kid, they just do not want to open the box. Nonetheless when they do; they take it as their density. This is perhaps the second reason; they ignore other guys for a douche-bag.

Not a first timer – had enough of it already

Past bad experience is one among the reasons. Irrefutably, a person who had been through a serious heartache, a possessive behavior is quite acceptable from her. For this soul, no matter what happens to her, quitting will be the thing she always tries to not to go for. She will leave no stone upturned in making her current relationship as healthy as she can. At a relationship failure, quite a common thing that we always put blames on self and always lives in guilt. For her, choosing someone else will be more likely starting from scratch, and unquestionably, it will be an option, not to consider.

This is where they are letting other people rule their life and offering them a lifetime subscription of their helplessness. I must say, if it is humid inside and you are having breathing difficulties, my dear friend, take a step forward, open the windows and let the fresh air come in