Teeth Discoloration – Do You Have Yellow Teeth?

Teeth discoloration – Do You Have Yellow Teeth?
Teeth discoloration – Do You Have Yellow Teeth?
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I told my dentist that I am having yellow teeth & he suggested me to wear a brown tie.

Regardless of dental science advancement, still there are dudes who never miss covering their face with hands when they laugh. And, there are a few who completely refrain themselves from laughing out loudly just because of tinted and yellow teeth. Besides, there are some other reasons that force one to explore his pockets for a handkerchief before laughing or even talking, such as chipped, broken or missed teeth. In some cases, this shyness might be because of birth defects defecting whole facial appearance (cleft lips). No offense, but in most cases, the path to discolored teeth is concreted by no one else, but us.

We do it when we ignore our oral dental hygiene; when we refrain ourselves from not practicing the healthy eating habits; by participating in risky sports adventures without proper security measures, and by turning a blind eye towards the dentists’ blogs and advice.

On top of this, we all have a habit of voting for – “repair and repent over prepare and prevent.” Before we can find out the solutions to this problem, we must understand the types and causes behind this.

Types of Discoloration


This is discoloration of the outer layer of teeth; medically termed as Enamel. Should you be having the irregular intake of caffeine, bacterial pigments, tobacco, wine, cola, or you smoke way too much or you are a chain smoker.


This is discoloration of the inner layer of teeth; medically termed as Dentin. You had limitless contact with fluoride when you were a kiddo or maybe your mom used tetracycline antibiotics when you were in her womb during the second half of pregnancy.

There are some studies that claim that use of tetracycline antibiotic, when you were of 8 or younger, also cause this sort of discoloration. Another reason is – you have been through trauma that had afflicted your development of the permanent tooth.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic

Both kinds of discoloration appears with aging as well, which eventually results in chipped, broken or discolored teeth.

So, this is the way you smile or you just trying to hide your yellow teeth.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Oral Hygiene

Still remember the old days, mom used to teach us how to hold a brush, how to do brushing and flossing, and why she used to ask every night, “Son! Have you brushed your teeth?”

Those small things, she used to call etiquette, are actually termed as oral hygiene by the cosmetic dentist. The professionals proved that anyone who is not brushing at least two times a day is actually putting his teeth on a risk of plaque (on and under teeth), tartar, and finally the person will have yellow teeth.

Similarly, she used to say, “chocolate and toffees are not good for teeth”, but the medical reason behind that was, caffeine and other ingredients used in these.

These kinds of substances stay on our teeth for long; sink into the internal layers and finally ends up in stains. A good dental oral hygiene can save you from this dental havoc and tooth decays as well.

Genetic Coloring

As clears from the name, “genetic coloring,” indisputably we are born with some special sort of teeth colors. Some of us have a yellow shade and others are born with a gray shade. When it comes to the cosmetic dental treatments like tooth bleaching or tooth whitening, the prior one has better chances than the latter once.

Our Eating and Drinking Habits

The more you love coffee, red wine, tea, berries, deeply colored fruits and carrots, the more you will have stains on your teeth.

The medical research conducted in the dental health care section strongly emphasis on the fact that coffee and dark colored berries are the biggest invaders of teeth color.

In addition, the energy drinks are ranked as the biggest reasons for tooth enamel wearing down.

Exposure to Drugs & Chemicals

Most of us do not know that medicines we take for bacterial procurement such as tetracycline, they bring teeth staining. The use of tetracycline even in pregnancy will bring this staining.

There are many reasons for the stains that we see on our dental enamel. While some are avoidable, and some are just the result of aging.

Unfortunately, if you are suffering from teeth discoloration, be it for any reason, do not be upset! Cosmetic Dentistry offers many ways to whiten and brighten your smile again.

What you need to do is to consult some good cosmetic dentist in your area to choose your option. Keep in mind that no toothbrush or toothpaste can remove six months of tartar 30 minutes before your appointment with someone special.

You don’t have to brush all you teeth, but the ones you want to keep. Finally, if you think dentistry is expensive, try ignoring it.