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Techniques of becoming a hero in your own eyes

I know I am not good, I know I am not there yet, but I will.

Techniques of becoming a hero in your own eyes
Techniques of becoming a hero in your own eyes
Photo Credit: Anandkrish16 / Bigstockphoto

Kumar Sunil

Dreamer & Enthusiast

Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.


  1. Go beyond surface level information.
  2. Deepen your courage.
  3. Find your confidence.
  4. Be the creator of your own life.

There are two major situations where you can get stuck when it comes to your personal development.

Like other, you may also want to know the secrets of becoming a hero in your own eyes. But, do you know, how? The first is when you read books and articles while eating your favorite pasta or salad, but does not apply. The second is when you start to apply and give up after a while because you do not see the results that they wanted.

To me, it usually happens when you first get in touch with information that gives you the paradigm upside down. It is going to make you feel that you have conflicts with whatever you have in front of your eyes. I wanted to know the truth. With this purpose, I started reading and doing research. I was not convinced with the information that I was carrying with me since long.

So far, I arrived at a conclusion that to understand things, the mind needs time to process and see things in a new light. The problem occurs when you only try to read things without worrying much about applying it practically.

You have “knowledge”, but you don’t want to apply because you feel that you lack confidence in yourself. And, this is the point from where you start applying “tricks” to increase your self-confidence. But, do you think, these tricks that you have no expertise with, are going to work? I strongly doubt.

You don’t need tricks, you need guidelines that really works. But, people who apply and persist are those who have strong roots because they don’t need tricks.

The most important thing for gaining confidence and becoming a hero in your own eyes is – action; the way you think and act is more important.

You imagine that you are a seed of a tree. Any idea how a tree grows? Any seed will not grow if you do not offer the right nutrients, water, temperature favorable growth.

I am not a tree. So, how can I apply this in my development?

Well, root’s your mindset, that’s your inner world. You need strong roots because when you start to act in one direction, you’ll fail many times. Maybe you’ll be criticized. Should you proceed with any hobby, you are going to have a series of unpleasant encounters with people. To them, you are wasting your time.

From this point, we start falling into the trap. We start believing that we are not made for this.

If your mind is full of negative and limiting thoughts where you keep telling yourself that it will not work – things are not going to work.

First, you need to clean your mind to reach a point of neutrality, the “zero point.” You must understand that you do not know what will happen, but you’re willing to try.

You need to accept that ups are downs are the part of life. Never let a roadblock distract you from your aim. You won’t be able to breed success if you tend to give up for small things.

You need to keep that good alive in you and you should not allow a roadblock to eat away all the glory.

The healthiest way of thinking is: I had small successes so far. I do not want to count those victories; for me, they are just a bonus.

What matters the most is – the mindset and the roots that I have. If you have solid roots, if you think properly, and if you do the right things – it does not matter if you win or you lose.

Motivational materials will not help. They can at most give you a boost of energy in the short-term, but they will not help you change your mentality, strengthen your roots.

The best attitude is beginning: “I know I’m good, I know I’m not there yet, but I will become good.” The more you hold on one thing, the greater the growth.

Do you think you need the confidence to start; in that case, let me say that you just cannot work directly on self-confidence. It always comes as a by-product of your personal development modification.

When you find that you become better, you have increased compared to where you were, and when you start to believe in yourself; this is going to be the moment, which will make you feel that you can move mountains if you want to.

Become aware of your daily habits and have a routine that empowers you. Try to list down all the habits that are dragging you down? When and where it happens? There are two ways to read; with the intent to gain information and with the intent to hit the road. The first case sets the stage for a change to come. In the second case, you take steps so that you can move things to the next level. Read with intent to apply.

The only way to rise above the surface is – “action.”