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Tears of A Mother
Tears of A Mother

Tears of A Mother

I wonder what went wrong, and how you dropped my head so low.


Let me tell you a sad story I heard a while back from someone very close. It is about a mother and her emotional turmoil due to her beloved son.

Have you ever felt being in the eye of a storm? Well maybe this poem will show you a glimpse of what its like to be caught up in one with no way to escape except pray.

The Tears Of A Mother

When you were in my tummy,
I felt your kick, like you wanted to call out to me.
I wanted to embrace you till the day you were inside,
But, then I felt sick and I cried.
Later, doctors said it wasn’t possible to keep you and me both alive
Yet I decided to not give up and make both of us survive.

When you were born,
I rejoiced and held you close to my heart! oh son,
I promised that no matter what, I’d love you forever, my precious one!
You were the star in my life…

Then, one day my boy you grew up,
You wanted to fly but I was slow, u felt fed up ,
I tried my boy, oh! I really did,
But you left me all alone!
Now tell me son; where would I end up ??

The time has passed and soon, so will I,
You were here but now all I remember is your good bye,
When I was your angel, then why did you go?
I called you my star, then why did you not know?

My tears never dry; I just remember you and hopelessly cry,
Why suddenly is mother’s love not your style?
I remember the day I was hurt and you were not yet born!
I remember the day a mother was not yet born!!
I could be selfish, had I known,
Love of a mother was going to be forgotten and unknown!!

You say you have a family now,
But tell me, my dear son, do you find it complete without your one?
I wonder what went wrong, and how you dropped my head so low,
My heart is broken, and now all I say is I just don’t know.
This dream of you before I pass, in my arms you shall be, is all I lack!!
But I wonder my son, if you will realize your mistake and ever come back.