Symptoms of Cancer That Are often Ignored

Symptoms Of Cancer That Are often Ignored
Symptoms Of Cancer That Are often Ignored
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Our body is a very well-planned system. Before completely shutting down any function, it alarms. Same is true with cancer as well.

For this disease, the early symptoms that our body gives us are normally associated with illnesses. Hoping that they will go away automatically after some days, we take those signals very lightly. Despite knowing that we should not ignore them, we usually overlook them all. Here, I am going to talk about a few symptoms of cancer that are often ignored.

For many people, these routine health checkup procedures like going for a routine analysis or ultrasound tests, are nothing but a waste of money. But, it should not be like this. In case, you see any such symptom, have a specialist’s opinion.

Persistent Cough

A cough that persists long may signal a problem with the lungs and be taken seriously. Especially when accompanied by a decrease in appetite, rapid weight loss, bloody sputum and breathlessness and wheezing.

Persistent And Unexplained Itching

Now this one is very strange. It is not that persistent and unexplained itching is a definite symptom of cancer, but there are cases in the medical history, where these kinds of symptoms are shown to be associated with uterine cancer – persistent genital itching or brain cancer – persistent itching in the nostrils.

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Change in Bowel Movement And Stool

Not all digestive system disturbances are related to cancer. However, the correlation between change in bowel movement and cancer cannot be denied.

One should not overlook any change in stool especially when accompanied by the presence of blood or secretions of mucus in the stools.

Undoubtedly, there could be many reasons behind the blood in stool, but a thorough cancer checkup should not be overlooked.

Change in Urinary Secretions

Urine can define a lot about a person’s health. Any secretions in the urine can signal the presence of serious kidney problems, high blood pressure, and general weakness persisting for an extended period. In case you see blood in the urine, you should not ignore that symptom.

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Sudden And Unexplained Weight Loss

This is a very common symptom. Any sudden and unexplained weight loss can be directly associated with a stomach cancer and is often accompanied by a total distaste, the rapid feeling of satiety (even after having small amounts of food), anemia and a sharp decrease in the bowel habits.

Persistent Pain In The Neck

Usually, pain in the neck is not always a symptom of associated with cancer. But, when the pain in neck stays there for an extended period and it further accompanies by other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swallowing, hoarseness, and/or blood in a cough; it is an alarm for cancer of the larynx.

Good health is a real blessing. However, we must understand that an early diagnosis can save us from being a victim of many serious health diseases like cancer.

Always remember, it is better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent.