Causes Behind Swollen and Painful Knees

Causes Behind Swollen and Painful Knees
Causes Behind Swollen and Painful Knees
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Swollen and painful knees can limit your flexibility and functions.

Depending on the cause of pain and inflammation, there may be several other symptoms such as redness or difficulty in walking. Besides weight, there could be certain diseases as well that can be a reason behind swollen knee and pain. The problem like osteoarthritis and bursitis, and other less common, such as Baker’s cyst and reactive arthritis. Here under are certain causes behind swollen and painful knees.

1knee Injury

Watch out for any previous knee injury. Medically, an injury to bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage of the knee joint can be the biggest reason behind swollen and painful knees. Severe lesions give rise to high blood flows in the knee joint, and this leads to swelling, heat, and stiffness of the knee.

2Knee Osteoarthritis

Another serious reason behind swollen and painful knees is cartilage degeneration of the knee joint. This can cause an overproduction of joint fluid, resulting in swollen knees. A swollen knee due to osteoarthritis is usually accompanied by pain.

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3Septic and Non-Septic Bursitis

Throughout the body, there are some thin and small bags filled with liquid. The main purpose of those magical bags is protecting joints. However, as we know, anything in excess is bad. A sore knee may have such a bag with excess fluid, causing water emergency and, finally, swollen knees.

4Gout Attack

The gout attack is defined as a painful accumulation of microscopic crystals of uric acid in the joints.

In this kind of attack, knee inflammation can occur quickly and it is generally accompanied by pain, redness, and heat. About half of the cases of gout affect thumbs feet, while in other cases it comes to knee, wrist or fingers.

5Rheumatoid Arthritis

This one is an autoimmune disease. It seriously affects the delicate lining of the joints and that leads to inflammation of the knee, stiffness, pain, tenderness and redness. However, the symptoms often occur on both sides of the body. Knees, hands, wrists and feet are most commonly affected by rheumatoid arthritis.

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6Baker’s Cyst

Inflammation behind the knee may indicate the presence of a Baker’s cyst. Baker’s cyst is also known as a popliteal cyst. This is actually a fluid-filled swelling that normally develops at the back of the knee. The cyst may have other symptoms or may be accompanied by pain and stiffness.

7Septic Arthritis

This can be another reason behind swollen and painful knees where bacteria and other microorganisms can penetrate the delicate lining that surrounds the knee joint. After penetration, it infects the joint and causes pus. As a result, a patient feels the sudden swelling of the knee, intense knee pain and fever. These are common signs of septic arthritis.

In case you are experiencing any of such symptoms, without wasting a minute, you should check with a doctor to find the best and fastest way of healing. In the case of any negligence, you may have to pay a big price later.