Surprising things that influence your mood every day.

Surprising things that influence your mood every day
Surprising things that influence your mood every day
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Not all words fit their meanings. Sometimes what is said is not what is meant and what is meant is left unsaid. Mood plays a role here.

“I am having a very bad mood today. I don’t feel like going somewhere. I don’t feel like playing today. I don’t feel like eating today.” But, if asked for the reason, no one is sure about, “why.” Why I feel like running away from stress and what is this thing called – Mood? Generally speaking, a mood is nothing, but a shift in our liking or disliking on any particular thing at a said time or in more specific terms, it a temporary state of mind or feelings.

Let us not confuse it with emotions or feelings and it is all about having either positive or negative valence. The studies say that mood varies with temperament and personality. Should we talk about a pessimist soul, his mood swings are very much prone to changes, as compared to someone having a positive attitude towards life? The best part about mood is – any unexpected even can switch us from a good mood to bad mood and vice-versa.

Be a positive mood or negative, both of these are directly related to different aspects of our life. The way we feel is influenced by many factors, from weather outside to our interaction with different people throughout the day. Because, you cannot change all issues affecting your mood, we propose a list of surprising things that influence your mood and you can control in your favor. Using these methods, you can influence your mood and you can control it in your favor.

It’s amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your heart can sink and how much one person can affect you.

The Hours Sleep – How Does Too Little and How Much

Hours spent sleeping are that in which we recharge our batteries and our body recovers for all performing body functions in an accurate manner. If you sleep too little or you had a restless sleep, this is going to reflect almost immediately in your mood. If you are missing your quality sleep, then you can be sure of having a difficulty in concentrating on activities that require mental effort and also, you are going to lack patience.

Specialists of the ” National Foundation of Sleep ” in the United States writes that many people “sleep outstanding” and have forgotten what actually be really rested. According to them, an adult woman aged between 18 and 25 years old should sleep each night between 6.5 to 11 hours, and a woman aged between 26 and 65 is required 6.5 – 9 as 5 hours of sleep per night. Everything is less or more than that will affect your mood.

The Way Your Home Looks. What You Need and What Things Should Quit

Much of your time, you spend at home, so home environment surely puts a mark on your mood. Keep in mind the rules of Feng Shui when decorating your house because this is a philosophy for thousands of years that contain a lot of sound principles of decorating the house. Throw or donate things you no longer need or simply not use them because they are full of negative energy. Keep only the things we use and do not forget to plant some trees because they are a great help to purify the air.

Of all the rooms, the bedroom is one of the most important in your home because your sleep influences everything as we talked above. The room should make you feel good once you enter the room; it has to be properly ventilated and lit. Avoid filling it with unnecessary stuff and heavy colors and use soothing color; the idea is to keep it as open as possible. Make sure that you have all the required bedroom furniture that is important for your restful sleep. Check your bed designs, pillows, mattress, lamps, lights, fans, air-conditioner, lights. See if you can have large beds with padded tops that will provide quiet nights and wardrobes that will help you maintain an airy and tidy bedroom. You must feel relaxed.

Nutrition. What Foods Help Keep Your Smile

They say you are what you eat, and this statement is applicable not only in terms of physical health but also for your mood. According to experts, you can use certain foods as a real medicine. When you’re sad, a slice of bread with honey or a bowl of popcorn will entertain, but cheese, chicken or turkey will increase your sadness. You can also set off your fatigue by consuming foods rich in protein, especially meat, poultry or seafood. When you feel stressed, a shake of bananas, pineapples, oranges, strawberries and papaya will help you relax.

Time Spent With You

Your mood will certainly be affected if you do not care to take a break and spend a few hours with you. A walk in the park, a few moments relaxing in bed with a book in hand, a hot bath – all this will help you gather your thoughts, to organize yourself and take it easy. In modern society, we are rarely truly alone. If you’re not in someone’s company probably talk on the phone or by SMS, reads an article or some general listings. The main benefits of time spent all alone is you will have a clear mind and you will find it easier troubleshooting various issues, and you will know yourself.

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel you don’t deserve what you want. Now, I hope you know what influences your mood?