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Suicide – the only way out?

Kumar Sunil

Kumar Sunil

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Have you ever noticed that since last two decades, every now and then we got to hear or read about suicide cases and that too from the well-educated regions? Why is this happening?

What makes a person to take his/her own life – was it about dying only or was it about letting things not to hurt them anymore? Being a concerned, can you really stop someone from not doing so? Do you have someone who you think is running on the same track? Go talk because he/she won’t talk.

It is quite a strange phenomenon, how come, someone whose life was so full of happiness, suddenly overwhelmed by these suicidal thoughts and feelings of sadness. Most of us will say, “one who is committed to killing himself, you cannot stop him.”

There may be others who think, “those who say, won’t really do”. But, if you really want to help someone, you should notice the early symptoms because you cannot expect one hundred percent treatment for cancer after it reaches the final stage, can you?

What is a suicide, though? To me, it is the best sin ever. We know life is a gift from Almighty and death is Almighty’s copyright. The motivational speakers would define suicide as a permanent solution to a temporary problem that was not there a moment ago and won’t be there after a moment.

It is not only about killing yourself, it is also about the insufferable trauma and hundreds of unanswered questions that you are going to leave your parents with after you are gone.

Are you the one with same plans of making someone notice you, who don’t even deserve your attention? Wait for a second. Before you kill yourself, think about those happy faces for whom you are the only reason to live. You might not be anything to the world, but for your parents and a few others, you are the world.

How could you be so selfish about finishing a life that you owe to your parents as well? Think about all those wishes that were fulfilled. Try to look into the eyes of your parents, so full of dreams for you and expectations from you.

Think about your mother and try to feel the pain you are going to give her for the rest of her life. Think about your father who might have slept in the lobby, so that you can sleep in an air-conditioned room.

How can you not recall your childhood when your dad used to check you in your sleeping with a lot of dreams in his eyes. How can you forget those birthday cakes and parties he organized for you, despite his financial constraints that he never discussed with you. The fact is, you need real eyes to realize the real lies.

Isn’t it funny; how a few of us decide something and then before anyone doubts, they become the first one to criticize. A few slats of sirocco and you think you are done. Instead, accepting the phase, a few of us start hating their own face.

With a deep sigh, I must say, attempting suicide though it takes a lot of courage, yet, cannot be a sound brain’s choice. I mean what is the point dying for somebody when they won’t even notice that you are gone?

Why do you need to make someone your priority, when you are just another option in their life? It is all about the word “less” and our definition of it—helpless, hopeless, moneyless, loveless, worthless, joyless, emotionless, aimless, cheerless, colorless, comfortless, dreamless, faithless, heartless and many more others.

We are human and we cannot deny that once in a lifetime, we all found ourselves favoring these suicidal thoughts. That might be because of our temporary failures in love, career, or financial fronts. Right after such thought comes depression, a state of mind that make us think, “Why do we even exist?”

My dear friends, suicide is not a solution. It is a lot more to live for. There is always a tomorrow. This world is so full of happiness and grieves. There are people around you who are more broken, but still courageous.

Your life cannot be as tough as a person who is building roads with hot concrete and that too in 45o with broken shoes and no hat or a horse who has to deliver things regardless of how hot it is.

No matter how broken you are, there is always a dawn and all you have to do is – last the night. If you fail and life knocks you down, pray to lord because that is the best position to pray. Before you decide to quit, think about the reason your started and are so eager about your postmortem, think about the grief of your parents.

Above all, think about the reason because of which you are going to die. Who do you think is the WINNER?