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Success Has Many Fathers, Failure Is An Orphan
Success Has Many Fathers, Failure Is An Orphan

Success Has Many Fathers, Failure is An Orphan

Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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After suffering from a long illness, Dayavant died. The father of three was cremated by municipality. Despite having a family, he died in isolation.  

This is a really intriguing story that I am going to narrate. Meet Mr. Dayavant. He gave me a million dollars’ lesson for free – “success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.”

Since last ten years, I have been watching this guy. Wishing him good morning was more of a habit for me now; we were neighbors. Despite spending a good time around him, he was more likely an unsolved puzzle for me; so, not much to introduce about him.

However, suddenly after his death, he rose to fame!

Despite being a father of three, Mr. Dayavant lived a lonely life with no loved ones around him. At least I never saw anybody visiting him and never asked about his family background.

But, last Sunday, after his suspicious absence from last three consecutive days, I opted to call police. And, they found him dead in his bed. For the first time, we got to see his apartment; actually a luxurious apartment.

After basic formalities, the police department decided to give an obituary in the newspaper requesting his relatives to collect his corpse.

They patiently waited for the response for three days, but nobody came forward. So, another obituary was given in the same newspaper stating that late Mr. Dayavant has left a million dollar for his nominee. The concerned person is requested to visit the police station for identification and body claim formalities.

There you go. I told my mother that now a huge fan following is going to appear.

To my wonder, same happened. Surprisingly, this time many relatives showed up and the reception area of the police station was more likely a box office’s ticket counter. There were nominees from every corner of the world.

Mr. Dayavant’s soul must have had a good laugh at this. Humans, I tell you! But, unfortunately no one of them was real and the municipal corporation after cremating him, donated his property as per his legal will.

The only point of sharing Mr. Dayavant’s story is – pointing out very truth of how dysfunctional our society is.

Today, everybody wants to get associated with successful people regardless of their self-esteem and their own position in the books of that very (successful) person.

The reason might be to create a certain status in the society or to use that person for baking their own cake of success. There can be both dark and bright reasons behind doing so.

Instead of enjoying the gift of life, people are perceiving it as a race. A race where people use each other to win in life. For sure there are many who have left behind their loved ones to win the race.

It is funny to see how the relationship changes with an urge to get related to only successful and wealthy people. They believe that only exemplary people can be of any good and being with a winner is going to make them a winner. They fail to understand that they can learn and move ahead in life from each person around you.

Even a child can teach you many important life lessons – like how to stay happy all the time! Thinking what a person who has always under-performed or failed in life can teach you? Remember this amazing line – “failure is the best teacher!”, truly an enlightening sentence, isn’t it?

A smart man will always learn from his failures, but a wise man will always learn from others. And so ladies and gentlemen, it is this wise man you’ll see who will win the race called life and that too gracefully.

Failure & Success are part & parcel of life, but your loved ones are the one who will be the only constants in your life. It’s sad when people leave behind their failure friend/relative thinking there’s no advantage in being associated with them and just adopt the successful people that come along in life.

Thing is, you can always learn more from the failure stories around you. It’s like the success stories teach you the do’s and the unsuccessful stories teaches you the don’ts. To know the don’ts in life is equally important as knowing the do’s.

In fact, with your experience in life, you can help the unsuccessful ones around you to do good in life again. This is the best way to participate in the race called life – rising by lifting others in the way!