Single Talk or Self-Talk Talking to self is no disease.

Single Talk or Self-Talk –Talking to self is no disease.
Single Talk or Self-Talk –Talking to self is no disease.
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Ever seen people talking to themselves? For many of us this is nothing, but either a chemical reaction in their brain or a result of depression and loneliness.

Look around yourself, you will see many of these people who are single speakers or who do a lot of self-talk; be it on the road, street, home, park, worship place, or even at work, you will find these people easily. Regardless of age group, these people are everywhere. Undoubtedly, many consider talking alone as a sign or depression and as a sign of weak mind. But, on the contrary, psychologists believe that self-talking motivates you in everything you do. Although self-talking is not at all a serious thing, yet talking out loud to yourself could be a serious issue. Schizophrenia; the term used for a most severe stage of this self-talking. Many people say that schizophrenia means multiple personality disorder; multiple personalities living in the brain of one person and each of them transitioning one after another. However, this is not the case. But, schizophrenia is a stage where patient fails to differentiate between reality and delusions or hallucinations.

I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.

There are chances that people call them insane; mad talking to themselves, right? What are they actually doing? Psychologically, these people are in a communication with the voices in their minds. In case you are of them, don’t panic because this is a perfectly normal thing. According to the studies in the areas, many psychologists believe that speaking alone is actually a good thing.

Those who think only depress and mad people do this, let me tell you, many intelligent people on earth talk to themselves. Albert Einstein apparently “used to repeat the sentences in a whisper.” Talking alone stimulates your brain to function more effectively. Reminds me of my school days, “when we were asked to repeat the tables and alphabets until the bell rings; countless repetitions. The more we repeat a thing, easier it becomes for our mind to remember it.”

In fact, self-talking put things into perspective and helps you stay grounded.

Self-talk or single talk is of two types – positive self-talk and negative self-talk. As names imply – positive self-talk is talking positively about self and negative self-talk is when we criticize ourselves for no good reason. Negative self-talking, where pulls you down and degrades you, positive self-talking at the same time, uplifts you. You must learn how you can use self-talking for your betterment.

When you are talking to yourself, you organize your thoughts. Experts say that when talking to yourself is the easiest way to calm your nerves. According to many psychologists, when talking to yourself makes it becomes easier for you to validate important and difficult decisions. “It helps you clarifying your thoughts, contemplating on things, and making really important.”

If you are talking to yourself, you can make a list of goals that you have and determine which is most important to you at this time. Talking to self about what you propose will be able to pass more easily through the implementation process, and each step will seem easier and more concise. “By telling your goals aloud, you will be able to focus your attention, manage your strength, and control your emotions.” This way you can put away things that distract you from your target.

Although talking to oneself is a perfectly normal thing, yet many of us want to stop this for personal or professional reasons. You need to stop yourself before you become a victim of schizophrenia. Instead, talking out loudly, the best thing you can do is – writing your thoughts on a paper. You can also grab a headphone while traveling and you can always start a conversation with the passenger sitting next to you.

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One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening – Franklin P. Jones