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Single Parenting and Child Behavior Problems
Single Parenting and Child Behavior Problems

Effects of Single Parenting on Child Behavior

Vishakha Rawal

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  1. Family and the bond.
  2. Adverse effects on children behavior.
  3. Let them enjoy their childhood.

Family! whenever you think of this word, you visualize a bunch of happy faces sharing an inseparable bond. Immediately you start thinking of your mother, father and your siblings! It’s the greatest gift from Universe and you’re lucky if you have a normal happy family. Not everybody is blessed to enjoy a healthy family bonding.

If you look around you’ll see many single parents struggling to bring up their kids. The concept of single parenting has been around since ages. Earlier, such situation arose due to the death of either partner.

Now, death is much less of a common reason, there are more prevalent reasons like divorce, teenage pregnancy, partner not willing to stick around, etc. There has been a disturbing statics showing an increase in the no. of a single parent each year and the United States tops the chart with 25.8% (Published by OECD).

When there are children involved in a relationship, they are the ones who are most affected when the couple gives up on each other. Researchers like Sara McLanahan and Gary Sandefur (Growing up with a Single Parent,1994), have explored the potentially adverse effects of single parenting on children.

The tension between the couple exposes the kids to the dark world of stress, limiting their personal growth and development. Children are like freshly bloomed flowers that need love, time and care.

Being a single parent is not an easy job, the parent has to work harder than before to meet their financial needs. In the process, many times the needs of the child gets ignored because the parent can’t be there for him/her all the time. The consequences are unimaginable.

If there’s the case of a young single mother or a single father, their association with different partners also leaves a strong impact on the child. Such children grow up differently and have various psychological behavior problems, better if understood and addressed with care.

The most common behaviour patterns seen in the children growing up with a single parent are, anger, anxiety and a withdrawn state of mind are common amongst the children of divorced parents. They grow up fast and lose a part of their life. There are many instances where the kids have developed “selection” perspective.

The reason is they are always torn between the two parent, having to choose either of them whether it is for holidays or to celebrate any milestone they have achieved in life. Such impacts not only lasts until they hit their adolescence period but they lasts in their subconscious throughout their lives.

Many adults that have been grown up with a single parent and have been exposed earlier to the negative environment of divorce carry commitment phobia with them. In some cases, they refuse to believe in the foundation of marriage.

Situations can’t be changed, but being aware of a child’s condition will save them and will help them to see good in the world rather than so much of negativity around them.

A child should never grow up before time and it is important to assure that he/she is enjoying a healthy childhood.