Trust Issues – Signs You Do Not Trust Your Partner

Trust Issues - Signs You Do Not Trust Your Partner
Trust Issues - Signs You Do Not Trust Your Partner
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After passing a few years, most of the couple start getting the feeling that things are not going as they should in their relationship?

Behind the distrust, there are countless reasons. Indisputably, most of the time, the problems are our past issues and we keep highlighting them in present. In some cases, these could be a result of infidelity or wrong behavior that makes us feel strange. There are some signs you do not trust your partner.

You are stuck on details of past partner

The relationship seems to go well and you feel happy for the most part. But you’re also thinking or spying about your partner’s past. This is not going to happen.

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Do you often find yourself confused with your own questions and answers about your partner? Do you keep checking your spouse activities and always try to ask useless questions all the time? And, above all, none of your query makes sense. If this is you, then you do not trust your partner.

Do not let your guard down

Give it a thought! Why can you not allow your guard to go down in front of your partner? Let me make it simple for you. You try to hide things from your partner and you don’t prefer doing certain things when your partner is around.

Don’t confuse shyness and unhealthy shrewdness; they are different. If you are playing hide and seek with your partner, for sure, you do not trust your partner and giving your partner enough reason to doubt you.

Do it alone

Are you the one pushing everything? Life can become hell busy and tiring when you are accompanied by a partner who seriously doesn’t want to participate in things.

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However, in some cases, partner do not want to delegate the task.

In that case, where you don’t allow others to do something for you, you might not trust those people. If you want to take all the controls in your hand, or you do not trust your partner.

Obsessed with social media

Social media is another reason. Nowadays, the couples are more into social media. They would like to have friends from across the world but show no interest in their partner.

Watch out closely. This virtual world is full of all kinds of couples. Some people are so keen on sharing every little thing of their life on social media, while others rarely interact.

Regardless of where you place yourself on this spectrum, it is fair to say that if you’re obsessed with the internet, and instead of sharing things with your partner, you prefer sharing it on social media, you seriously have a trust problem. And this can come to a matter of trust on your part.

Trust plays an important role in any relationship. But, when you partner starts hiding things and when you notice a sudden change in the behavior, it is a sign that there are trust issues.