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6 Effects Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency And Their Symptoms

6 Effects Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency And Their Symptoms
6 Effects Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency And Their Symptoms
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Do you know that vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in our body? In this article, we will learn about the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency and the consequences thereof.

Fatigue, exhaustion, short-term memory problems, and the sensation of stinging in the extremities are symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. For your information, I would like to mention that vitamin B12 plays an important role in the normal functioning of the body. If you notice any vitamin B12 deficiency, please contact your doctor quickly.

What Is The Role Of Vitamin B12 In The Body?

Before understanding the physical problems caused by vitamin B12’s deficiency, it is very important to understand the role of vitamin B12 in our body.

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Vitamin B12 performs an important function in the production of DNA. DNA determines the optimal formation and function of each organ. In addition, vitamin B12 reduces homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is a chemical found in the blood and can irritate the blood vessels when it rises above the normal range. If homocysteine is not metabolized optimally, then it may cause inflammation and toxic effects in the body.

Symptoms And Effects Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency


Due to the lack of vitamin B12, anemia can occur. It is characterized by a reduction in red blood cell activity.

The main manifestation of the anemic type of deficiency of vitamin B12 is megaloblastic anemia. Tiredness, tachycardia (the heartbeat is faster than normal), and dizziness are the symptoms of this problem.

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Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the production of normal red blood cells (which ensure oxygenation and the function of each organ). Megaloblastic anemia can be diagnosed quickly with analyzes, so do not hesitate to schedule a specialist consultation if you have characteristic symptoms.

2Peripheral Neuropathy

It is a condition that has a negative impact on the connection between the peripheral nervous system, the brain, and the spinal cord. In serious cases of this, nerve connections can also be affected. Vitamin B12 is one of the factors that influence myelin formation, and its deficiency can drastically reduce the amount of myelin needed for the functioning of the body.

In the case of vitamin B12 deficiency, the peripheral nervous system will not optimally control movements. You can expect unusual sensations or changes in muscle tone.

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy usually manifest in the hands or paw of the foot. In more serious cases they can move to the arms or legs. Symptoms of this condition are tingling, numbness, and weakness.


In this situation, an individual’s memory becomes so weak that he can not even perform his daily tasks. In addition to the lack of vitamin B12, there are many other reasons for dementia. But studies have shown that dementia due to vitamin B12 deficiency results from a very high level of homocysteine.

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Symptoms of dementia are forgetfulness of small things, memory problems, difficulty concentrating or solving complex problems, apathy, hallucinations and the inability to take care of one’s own person.


In some situations, depression may be a clinical manifestation of the lack of vitamin B12. Depression due to vitamin B12 can also occur with anemia or dementia.


It is a condition, which hinders the blood circulation to the brain and which later leads to physical or mental inefficiency.

Vitamin B12 deficiency increases the risk of stroke, especially in young people. Increased level of homocysteine demonstrates vitamin B12’s deficiency.


The lack of vitamin B12 causes degeneration of the cartilage in the spinal cord, which can lead to the damage to the myelin protective coating. As a result of Myelopathy, you can expect losing control of movements, lack of balance or sensations. Symptoms of this condition are general weakness, numbness, pricking and balance problems.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

In addition to medical treatments like nasal spray (Nascobal), injections, tablets, you must have a varied diet that includes meat, milk, cheese, and eggs, to improve the level of vitamin B12 in your body. Furthermore, consuming foods containing folic acid is highly recommended. These include vegetables with green leaves, citrus fruits, and whole grains.

According to health experts, if you are having treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency, then you must not drink alcohol because alcohol interferes with the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12.