What Are The Signs That Your Relationship is Fading

What Are The Signs That Your Relationship is Fading
What Are The Signs That Your Relationship is Fading
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Sukhdeep Singh

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There comes a time in every relationship, when we no longer enjoy the company of people around us, especially our partner.

Once we get something, it is very natural to lose attraction for that object, after some time. The same happens with relationships. After living with someone for some time, our interest in that person starts to end. As far as this is concerned with losing interest in friends, colleagues, relatives or siblings, this can be acceptable. But, when it comes to your life-partner, you need to deal it very seriously. You must not ignore the sign that your relationship is fading.

1You are not in his future plans

In a healthy relationship, there are plannings. But, when your relationship is fading, your partner won’t consider you as a part of his future planning. He is not going to make any plans with you, not even the short-term plans. This is the first sign that your relationship is fading.

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2Increase in overtime hours

This is sign number two that your partner is now no longer interested in spending a few hours with you. No matter, how serious plans you have, he is always going to forget them. At first, it lags 10, 15, then 30 minutes because now your partner has something more important to do than going out with you.

3He won’t tell you about his schedule

By this, I am not saying that he needs to submit a status report of every hour. But, he won’t be giving you the slightest information about his schedule. He is nor going to answer or revert your calls and neither going to give you a close estimation of his availability.

4He will try to escape, even when with you

Even if you guys are together, he will try not to be with you. For an example, suppose, you guys are watching a late night movie and he gets a message or calls. He leaves you in the cinemas and when you ask about the calls or message, he will try to avoid the answer or he will give you a wrong answer like someone from work or a blank call, etc.

I am not saying that he is having an affair or something. But, he might be hiding because he has the impression that it is useless to tell you something. Eventually, he is not taking you worth-considering.

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5Ignore responsibilities

This is a very clear sign that your relationship is fading and your partner is very childish. He is not at all interested in discussions about family, kids, family budgets, etc. He will not show interest in anything, but his new video game. In addition, he would like to spend his salary on drinks with his friends.

6No more romanticism

Once your partner loses interest in you, he will avoid hugs and kisses. Even if you manage to get closer to him, chances are there that he is not even going to look at you. There is going to be no response for your seduction signs.

In addition, in such cases, your partner will start blaming you for every wrong thing happening to him like not having promotions, increments etc. Instead of analyzing his own capabilities, he will put the blame on you.

He will start screaming at you when you seek his opinions on your friends or hobbies. For him, discussing anything associated with you is nothing but a waste of time.

In case, you are seeing any such signs, please do not take them lightly. These signs clearly indicate that you both need to talk.