Should Prostitution Be Legalized In India

Should Prostitution be made legal?
Should Prostitution be made legal?
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People are both in favor and against of prostitution legalization. But, how about having a prostitute’s say on this; needs no more explanations.  

Should you want me to start with the ‘origin of prostitution’, I am afraid, I won’t be able to give you any exact answer. Right from the ancient time, flesh trading remained one of the oldest profession in this world with its roots in the beginning of third millennium BC. The first major inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia used to worship a goddess called Ishtar; goddess of love and war. Despite this long history, we are still arguing on the topics like whether prostitution is right or not?

Until today, in many parts of the world, buying and selling physical pleasures for money is considered shameful and disgraceful. Whereas, in many other countries, after having an in-depth understanding of this trade, prostitution is made legal. There are specified red-light areas, where selling physical pleasures is common.

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Making it legal will solve many problems is still a question.

As a male reader, this may upset you. But, the amount of lust we are carrying is a major reason turn a man into a misogynist.

According to the statistics, there are nearly 2-3 million prostitutes in India, and many of them were made to enter into this trade when they were just 12 years’old. On the larger scale (in India), prostitution contributes 75%-80% in the human trafficking. A pimp earns at least ₹2,50,000 on the annual basis from a sex slave. In certain cases, where the girl is minor, underage, or virgin; the price is in millions.

Think for a second that the prostitution is now legal in India. In that case, now sex workers will be treated the same way as other professionals. There will be government assigned bodies who will be regulating sex workers’ and brothels’ transactions. Don’t you think, this will have a direct impact on human trafficking for sex?

I have heard many people saying especially women activists that sex must not be legalized because it is going to increase crime against women. Moreover, who wants to be in a field where you are get paid for your rape. Well, this is a wrong statement. There is a big-big difference between rape and prostitution.

A few years back, I visited Thailand. I spoke to a lady about this and she gave me the best ever answer.

“I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in my country, most of the girls are in this profession because they want to. No other profession can give them the same amount of money over such a short span. They are cashing their youthfulness and I see nothing bad in it.”

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When asked, whether or not to make this profession legalized, a prostitute gave a very spontaneous answer, “Yes! At least this way we can save money that otherwise we have to pay to our pimps and corrupt police officers.”

The same lady further added that, “those who want to control sexual marketplace, are the one against making it legal.” She said, “making it legal will give us some legal rights and it will be a way out for those who are not here willingly.”

She further told me that, “she can bet, making it legal will be a best solution for half of the crimes related to online dating, porn, cyberstalking, sexting, picture morphing, MMS, and other sex scandals.”

People can go to these places and they can release their sexual frustrations.

There are stats that proves that making prostitution legal will reduce rapes by 150% and STD cases by at least 50%. People who say that this will boost cases of Aids, they don’t know the chances of HIV transmission during vaginal penetration sex is 1 in 1250 times (0.08%), whereas, this percentage is 0.11% (1 in 909 times) in the case of anal sex. So, the claims made are false.

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On top of this, making it legal will introduce some registered organization, who will be responsible for making sure that every sex workers meet the medical requirements. Also, a database of consistent sex buyers can be prepared with an intention of keeping their medical records too.

But, this has to be done with utmost honesty; leaks here will only increase the cases of extortion and blackmailing.

Prostitution is never going to end and we all know this. No matter, how hard government tries to stop it, this industry is never going to die. This world is never going to be free from those who buy or sell physical pleasure.

After all, sex is an important part of our life and root cause behind many social evils like rapes, eve-teasing, polygamy, sexual abuse, human trafficking for sex, extramarital affairs, sexual harassment, and other crimes associated with women.