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Shortcut to Success – An Entrepreneur's Confession About Impatient Youngsters
Shortcut to Success – An Entrepreneur's Confession About Impatient Youngsters

Shortcut to Success – An Entrepreneur’s Confession About Impatient Youngsters


Every time I interview a youngster, I get this feeling. With a few exceptions, every second candidate seems like running for money. Every second candidate wants to drive his Ferrari at the soonest possible. And, the best part is – they do it by cheating their gurus and that too without showing any symptoms of shame or thankfulness.

The ideologies of youngsters has changed tremendously. There was a time, when students used to respect their teachers as God. If I talk about Indian Culture particularly – according to our holy books; Guru is worshiped before God. For today’s generation, this might be a concept of ancient times. Despite knowing that there is no easy way to success, youngsters are in a rush and they always look for an easy shortcut to success.

If you think this is a matter of generation gap, then let me tell you, you are gravely mistaken. This actually is a matter of disrespect, selfishness, etiquette and impatience. With a few exceptions (which are next to the rare), every college or high school pass out wants to be a billionaire within a short span of time.

I am making the above statement on the basis of my personal experience. Being in the industry, I encounter with these kind of youngsters on daily basis. 9 out of 10 candidates, inquire about what they going to earn instead of what they going to learn and how those lessons are going to improve their skills. This makes me laugh at their mindset.

To reach their goal of becoming a billionaire in a few shots, youngsters treat their career as an unplanned trip; they keep on changing their routes and reach no where. In simpler terms, they keep on switching their jobs. Even the statistics say that job hopping has become a trend among 21-35 age group candidates.

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I wonder at those early years, when people used to follow the ‘slow & steady theory’. But, nowadays, youngsters want to touch the peak of success the soonest possible. Without worrying much about their skills enhancement, they are very much concerned about their monetary and non-monetary benefits. Actually, their competition is not with their inabilities, but with the financial status of their peers.

This attitude of youngsters is compelling companies to not to hire them because unplanned agency switching is resulting in poor retention rate.

The situation is so bad that many organizations have permanent accounting books with recruitment agencies, local newspapers, and classified websites. They are always in shortage of candidates and the reception area of the companies are always occupied with prospective candidates.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against employment opportunities, but the attitude of youngsters. They want everything to happen today, as if there is no tomorrow. Sometimes, I see no difference in these kind of youngsters and pond side swans; they stay at a place until they have some to peck.

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For them investing a few months or years in an agency is more likely spoiling their career. They think, staying at one place for a longer duration means risking their financial and career growth.

But, what they don’t know is – for growth, consistency is also very important.

I would like to ask these kinds of youngsters one question – “how on earth are you supposed to learn everything in a few months that someone had learned over 12 years?”

For me, this attitude of youngsters is like they are trying to read tenth standard’s course books in kindergarten itself. It’s not going to happen.

To understand something, you need to spend some time. It is like building a relationship with your partner; you need a few dates and dine-outs before you actually get married.

And, once you get married, you need few months for settling yourself down with a new person.

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But, youngsters are becoming impatient. Their lust for having everything over a short span of time is already at its boiling temperature. That is why they keep on switching agencies. But, what they don’t know is – it is all same everywhere. You might get a good hike in company A, but you are surely going to miss many other things. If you think that there are plenty of opportunities and all are better than the current one, then you need to rethink.

Do not forget – If you try to climb two or three stairs in one go, chances are high that you will have to taste the ground after a few initial successful attempts. Instead of treating people and agencies as milestones, build relationships.