Shocking Secrets That Your Boss Will Never Tell You

Shocking Secrets That Your Boss Will Never Tell You
Shocking Secrets That Your Boss Will Never Tell You
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In my last article, I talked about corporate culture problems. Today, I would like to talk about few secrets things that your boss don’t want you to learn.

No wonder, being an employee, you are not involved in all management decision. There are things that are kept secret because your boss believes that it is better to hide a few things from employees that can affect their productivity or impression about the company. You are not supposed to learn about those secrets as long as they are not affecting your career, salary or image in front of other colleagues. So, here are the shocking secrets that your boss will never tell you and you are supposed to learn those at all costs.

You Are Always On His Scanner

Regardless of your designation, you are always under the scanner of your boss.

How you handle success? Whether you share it with your teammates or you keep the whole cake for yourself? And, conversely, how you deal with project failures? Whether you blame it on your teammates or you take the whole responsibility?

How you deal with success, failure, and teammates, tell a lot about your leadership quality. And, trust me, your boss wants leaders and not disciples.

So, this is a secret number that your boss will never tell you.

Your Outfits Are Observed And Analyzed On Daily Basis

Regardless the silence of your boss about your outfit, you outfits are always on his scanner.

It is not that he is going to point you out or penalized you for wearing an outfit unsuitable for work.

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But, these things are going to affect your impression in your boss’s eyes. Perhaps, this is why many companies follow a fix dress code.

Boss Knows Everything You Talk About Company or Him

No denial; all your online communication are monitored. Nothing is confidential.

No matter how good you think you are in keeping secrets, but no employee can escape from the company’s surveillance.

Every boss wants to know what his employees are talking about him or business. So, your boss is secretly monitoring every employee’s online activity, the content of messages, e-mail, etc.

Bosses Don't Like 'Stopwatch' Kinda Employees

Punctuality is a good thing. However, bosses don’t like stopwatch kind employees; employees who are very much concerned about in and out timings.

These kinda employees are only there for salary. They are not interested in learning new things. And, all they do is – job.

Your boss like people who are very much concerned about skill enhancements and who are ready to sit for a few additional hours as and when required for that enhancement.

Your boss knows that after learning those skills, you are surely going to use those for the betterment of the business. And, that’s what he expects from an employee.

Bosses Are Not Angry, But Happy When You Make Mistakes

If you are not making mistakes, you are probably doing nothing. That is how your boss sees you. However, this doesn’t mean that you should always make mistakes. Your boss like when you make mistakes and he likes you more when you tell him about those before he notices.

Your Boss Trust Only A Few Employees

You may feel that your boss is more of a friend to you.

But, that is not true. Liking someone is completely different from trusting. So, don’t be fooled.

Your boss trusts only a few employees; especially those employees who are with him from the last few years.

If your boss likes you, there is no assurance that he trusts you.

He might have some other reasons for liking you and those reasons could be of short-term nature.

Your Boss Like Business Related Suggestions

I have seen many people saying that bosses love flattery.

But, this is not true at all. A person running a business has nothing to do with flattery, but real pictures.

Don’t think, if you are spying on him, he is going to trust you.

If you have something to tell that can affect the business, your boss will surely keep you in his list of advisers.

However, you have to make sure that you are not disappointing him.

You Cannot Fool Your Boss

Don’t get me wrong here because this is going to pinch many of you. Your boss knows everything, as I said earlier. You cannot fool him with your daily stories.

If he is empathetic to you that doesn’t mean he is an emotional and impractical person. He knows when an employee is taking undue advantage of his cool nature.

Your Boss Is Ready For Salary Negotiations

Most people are going to feel bad about this one too. But, this is a reality. Your boss doesn’t want to pay you higher than you deserve. He loves negotiation. Most employees complain that they are getting lower salaries than others. And, this is your mistake and not your boss’s.

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Your boss is ready to pay you what you deserve, but he needs you to prove him your worth. Though discussions about money are often uncomfortable and embarrassing, yet you have to initiate one. A frank discussion in which to expose your point of view and why you believe you should receive more money, there’s no way affect your relationship with your boss.

So, these are a few secrets that your boss will never tell you. Now that you have learned about these, be watchful about these and do the necessary things. Flattery is not going to win you anything, but confidence, loyalty, skills, and industriousness will.