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Why Do People Hate Mondays?

Shit! It's Monday Again. Why Do People Hate Mondays
Shit! It's Monday Again. Why Do People Hate Mondays
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Kumar Sunil

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  1. Body needs time to chase the rhythm.
  2. Search funny video for a few minutes.
  3. Once in a week, pamper yourself with a fat full meal.

Why do people hate Mondays? Why is it so hard to get out of bed Monday morning?

Studies conducted over the years show that most people are apathetic and lethargic on Monday. Undoubtedly, the first smile on Monday appears somewhere around noon. Monday is the day of absentees and late arrivals. Regardless of nationality, people don’t like Monday. Why do people hate Mondays? Let’s try to find out the secrets.

Revival Is The Hardest Part

On Saturdays and Sundays, we are our own boss. Everything seems under control. We can wake up when we want to.

But, then comes a day to ruin the happiness and force us to return to a dull routine.

The body needs time to get back into their rhythm after the break and this is why we all love to stay in the bed on Monday.

You Hate Your Job

This could be another reason behind people’s hate for Monday.

Can you imagine the pain of having a sadistic feedback on Monday morning?

Without any shadow of a doubt, this is going to ruin your week.

And, if you are not in love with your job, then these negatives are going to piss you off.

However, if you love what you do, then these negative feedback are not going to disturb you.

A Weekend Spent In A Pleasant Way

This could be another reason for hating Monday. Monday keeps telling us that we should get back to work and once again, we have to be around same colleagues and projects.

After spending a weekend doing things that make you forget about your salary increases and promotions, who wants to be in the same boat of dullness?

Not only adults, I have seen children hating Monday, especially because they have to go to school.

What can we do to make Monday the happiest day?

Drink Your Coffee With New People

No wonder, your colleagues are just as upset as you are. On Monday, try to socialize with new people or with people you never had a chance to talk.

Maybe, they are in a better mood than yours and in a state of offering you the required dose of optimism?

Find Funny Video On The Internet

Start Monday with a funny video. Laughter reduces stress, and this is the best remedy that can take the stress out of you.

Go To The Gym

If you really want to make Monday the most happening day of your week, go to the gym.

Exercise will release endorphins and it can instantly reduce the poor state of mind. In addition, a few moves in the gym will help you with an increased body temperature.

Sex in The Morning

Experts say that people who have sex in the morning feel energetic and full of life all day, so you can test this theory too.

Eat More

Eating fries, pancakes, chocolate, and drinking a lot of coffee or milk every day is not good at all, but once a week you can pamper yourself with these things.

Do you know that fat can dismiss negative emotions, and this is exactly what you need on Mondays?

No matter how unpleasant it may seem, try to stay positive.

Try these tips, and I am sure that you are going to love Mondays. Try to learn the difference between spending life and really living.