Sexual Dreams With Another Someone Not Your Spouse

Sexual Dreams With Another Someone Not Your Spouse
Sexual Dreams With Another Someone Not Your Spouse
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You are happily married to someone, but still, you continue to dream of another woman. After every time you had that dream, you ask yourself whether it is something normal?

Weird. Isn’t it? But, let me tell you, this is not something unusual and every tenth man out of hundred or probably more, out there is experiencing this weird thing – sexual dreams with another someone, not your spouse. In the case of females, this ratio could be one in two hundred.

Why is it so? Isn’t another form of infidelity? Many say, if you are dreaming about another woman despite your happy married life, you need a reassessment of your relationship; you are faking the harmony levels of your relationship.

Several other believe that the answer to this mystery is hiding somewhere behind the fantasies, anxieties monotony, boredom, temporary unhappiness that you might be having from your current relationship.

Fantasies and sexual reveries exceed their expectations from their partners, and when they are not met, they dream of having them met with someone else.

This is actually a stage of comparison, where you start comparing your partner who is not making your sexually satisfied with someone who you dream about.

Sexual dreams rarely talk about sex, but about our intimacies and imaginations. In deeper terms, you can also say that these dreams can be a mirror of yours’ inner personality and can express how you perceive your lover; a good one or one with defects.

Some people also believe that if you have dreams of sex with another woman, this indicates that you are having a difference with your own wife in your real life. She is not treating your desires the way you want and while dreaming, you are actually making an imaginary attempt of fulfilling that missing spot of your life. Instead of talking to you wife, you are preparing yourself for an innings of infidelity.

You must learn that these kinds of dreams can help us solve our problems. Most of the problems that are out of our control are actually out of our conscious level. Should you leave this kind of problem untreated, you can be sure of pathological and psychological symptoms.

If you are having such kinda dreams quite often, it is better to talk to have a discussion with your partner about your insecurities and desires. It is better to sort the things discuss than finding other unethical way outs.

Once you and your partner are clear about your sexual desires and boundaries, none of you are going to have such sexual dreams. The reason being – clarity about reality.