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True Confessions - Changes In Sex Life After Baby
True Confessions - Changes In Sex Life After Baby

True Confessions – Changes In Sex Life After Baby


“Natural birth affects our sex life? Is it painful to have sex after delivery? Your vagina will never be the same?” There are countless similar questions about having sex after pregnancy.

We know that the perineum is extensively applied in pregnancy and natural birth. According to some opinions, one of the effects is a long-term or even permanent widening of the vaginal canal, resulting in less pleasure during sex. At the same time, there are people who argue that vagina returns to its original shape, especially if you do exercises for perineum before and after birth. Another highly debated issue when it comes episiotomy is: what effect it will be having sex after birth? Regarding this, I spoke to many friends of mine and here is what they have to say on changes in sex life after baby.

Kaavya – a mother of one

I honestly don’t believe that natural birth affects the sex life in any way. The real reason behind decreased sex drive after birth is fatigue and lack sleep.

It is true that after you are not going to have the same vagina after delivery, but we not forget that perineum is a muscle that recovers to its’ best after some time.

Another important thing – first intercourse after becoming a mother is going to sound scary, painful, and something new.

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Neha – a mother of two

After the first natural birth of my boy, I thought I would never have sex again. I must say, if you serious about your bedroom pleasure, go for cesarean regardless of other things.

It took me a year to get used to the new dimensions of my vagina. That is a personal opinion, though. We resumed after a month and sex life is becoming better. In my case, cesarean saved my sex life.

Trisha, a mother of a girl

I do not believe that the child birth has anything to do with sex life, but it is the hormonal processes. I was prepared for all postpartum changes, be it negative or positive. Believe me, after becoming mothers, women have a special glow and a good tone.

My partner told me that I look sexier after giving birth. I believe, delivering a baby made no changes in my sex life. Despite having a pretty big tummy, and stretch marks, my sex life with my partner, was the same as it was before our kid’s birth.

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Suhani – a mother of twins

Yes! childbirth affects sex life. In addition to hormonal changes, the other reasons behind decreased libido are fatigue caused by baby care, body condition after birth, stress, emotions and other obstacles.

Despite all these, sometimes I had to fake orgasm because I don’t want to disappoint my partner. Intercourse was tough in first few weeks. I think couples must talk about these postpartum changes before the pregnancy. Open communication with your partner could solve these frustrations!

Shamita – a mother of one

Despite having a normal delivery with minimal trauma to the perineum, my first intercourse after the child’s birth was very painful.

My doctor told me that it is a normal thing. However, she recommends the use of special lubricants possibly based on natural substances.

Many women say that there sex life was improved after natural birth because of the high sensitivity of the vagina and, in other words, they have multiple orgasms now. But nobody can assure if you are going be one among those lucky women.