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Seduction Tips – How To Be A 'Super Dude'
Seduction Tips – How To Be A 'Super Dude'

Seduction Tips – How To Be A ‘Super Dude’


Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.



  1. Don't chase & make her chase.
  2. Learn to say stories.
  3. Hold your emotions.

“Are there any pills available that can bring all the hot ladies of the town to your sway?”

This could be crowned as the joke of the day. Not going to happen! Mate. If you are not the one with an exceptional favor of luck or if you are not born with a gold spoon in your mouth; in that case, you either can learn some seduction tips or can enjoy the smoke coming out of your @$$… you know what I mean?

Girls are not after six-pack abs and killer looks, neither they are interested in contact lenses or branded dresses. So, what are the tricks? Let me tell you the secrets.

Learn To Say “Stories”

You need to be a consummate orator, full of flavor, with a vast culture. If you have an awesome retaining power, you can capture the attention of any woman you talk to. It is all about igniting talks on most mundane things, but in a rather amicable manner. The man who knows how to speak so as to win the trust and admiration of a woman will succeed more quickly establish an intimate relationship with her.

Don’t Chase & Make Her Chase

To chase women should not become a purpose in life. Women are attracted to men who lead an exciting life, full of challenges, natures fun, relaxed, inspiring and are full of confidence. Thus, women will automatically distinguish between a man like the rest, and his way of living will become a “weapon” of seduction itself.

Treat Every Woman As Unique As

Women love the idea of romance and like to feel unique. Men who understand this and does not treat all women equally, they will surely win the heart. To be a winner of hearts, you need to be extremely attentive to women’s emotions. You need to learn how to balance between showing that you care for her and actually meeting her wishes.

Spontaneity Is Sexy

Women get bored quickly and they are very much in love with surprises. Dazzle her with bold proposals and try to convince her to do things that she has never done. Keep in mind, it is you who is going to be delighted. Let you woman that there are rewards after every discovered action.

Never Show That Looks Matter

A beautiful woman is habitual of being complimented for the way she looks, so why she would be impressed by another man who tells him the same thing? Show them instead that you are curious about what she thinks.

This is going to make her believe that you are not after looks, but something more than just quickly put in your bed. Do not forget that the emotional connection is made during talks.

Learn To Stimulate The Senses

Do you have any knowledge about the effect of pheromones and aphrodisiacs? Do you know how a with tuberose essence can stimulate the sex drive? Likewise, a dinner can be transformed into a stimulus for the senses; using champagne, oysters, and chocolate. Learn about the ingredient that can open the door.

Patience Brings Victory

Always will benefit the man who has the patience to wait for the proper signal from a woman to take the next step. Never ever rush for the things. Showing neediness and greediness can spoil the show. You need to give some time to the newly formed relationship to build the momentum that it needs. Learn to sense the right time of acting forcefully, but keep in mind that women like it slow.

Humor Is Essential

Sex is a game that adults normally engage with to relax and to enjoy. Let me tell you, you are not supposed to start foreplay 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse, but must start a way earlier than the real moment of celebration. It could be a conversation full of eroticism, dinner sprinkled with sweet teasing, perhaps even an intense exchange of glances; these all are steps leading to a memorable experience of making love.

In addition, never ever show all your card at once. Be it a game of gamble or love, do not let the women predict your next move. Remember, I told you, they love stories and surprises; let them dream and develop their fantasies.

So! Do you have a trick to share? Please share in the comment section below.