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Secrets From a Makeup Artist - Makeup Mistakes To Avoid
Secrets From a Makeup Artist - Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Secrets From a Makeup Artist – Makeup Mistakes To Avoid



  1. Makeup is an art that needs practice.
  2. It is very common to make makeup mistakes.

Whether it is applying a liner too thick, wearing the wrong shade of foundation or going too bold with lips and eyes at the same time. We all have been there done that.

When it comes to makeup, anyone who isn’t a professional or experienced, tends to make certain mistakes. Unfortunately these mistakes make us look dull and worn out. So in order for you to avoid those mistakes and look flawless, we have come up with some basics makeup mistakes to avoid that you should keep in mind.

If you want your makeup to last longer than 2-3 hours, then you have to make sure that you moisturize and prime your face before makeup application. If you want your makeup to last, not wearing a primer is out of the question.

The biggest epidemic with a lot of women is using the wrong shade of foundation.

Typically women match their foundation shade with the color of their neck. That is the biggest mistake. When buying foundation, always match it with the upper part of your chest and not neck. Also, do not rub your foundation into your skin. It will only lift up dry areas of your face, making it look patchy and rough.

Do not leave your foundation wet on your face and then apply powdered products. Powdered products will not blend properly and will only make your face look blotchy. When you use foundation, set it with powder first so that using powdered products on your face becomes easier.

When it comes to highlighting, some of us take it too far. There is nothing wrong in wanting or creating a glowy look. The problem lies in over doing it. Highlighter should only be used to give your face a natural glow not a flashy glow.

When it comes to contouring, never suck in your cheeks while doing it. Do contour strategically by using a contour brush and following along the ear line. Apply it to the outer side of your face and gently blend it with a proper brush.

When it comes to makeup on the eyes, using the products without an eye primer is one of the mistakes you should avoid. Unless of course you do not want your eye makeup to last long.

Do not blend your blush too far near your nose. Keep it limited to the apples of your cheeks. Apply it very minimally as the basic purpose of a blush is to give you natural rosy cheeks.

When it comes to eyes, there are two mistakes that women usually make. First is either never using a brow pencil or using one with a color different than yours. The best thing you can do to give it a natural look is using a small brush and a powder to achieve the perfect look.

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Never curl your eyelashes after wearing mascara. The best way to using a curler is before applying eyeliner or mascara. The eyeliner tends to smudge when you use a curler after all the application. And using it after the mascara has dried, makes your lashes fall out due to dryness.

Last but not least, always remember to take off your makeup at the end of the day. If you fail to do so, it will only lead to an acne prone and dull looking skin. So protect your skin especially at night when you sleep because makeup stops all the oxygen from entering the skin.

If you keep these basic pointers in mind, we are sure that you can achieve a flawless look with your makeup. Makeup can either do wonders to the way you look or disasters.

So ensure you avoid the disaster by keep these basic things in mind. Happy makeup!