Secret Tactics – How to Attract Women and Woo Hotties

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Unluckily, for most of us, we were not born with magical powers and capabilities to be able to attract charming girls and tempting women without many efforts.

Numerous boys face problems picking and alluring women. The biggest question of era for them is – “how to attract women and woo hotties?” We all do wish to date a luscious, chatoyant and dulcet kind a girl who is not so demure about being mingled. Most of us must have seen some PUAs (pick up artists), who pick girls like every girl was waiting for them. What you think, they are too handsome to be ignored or they have a better body odor?

No, they have done their masters in seduction strategies; they have been to classes where they have been told about how to be a puppet master of women. Attracting women is indeed the most crucial phase of getting a hottie running into your arms. The most critical aspect of learning how to attract women is to know how exactly women work. That is what it takes and simply makes them a deal cracker. Please note, here we are not talking about what women think. One of the biggest mistake boys make is to try to comprehend what is going on inside the mind of a girl as if this will unlock her entire behavior. Women typically work on “Emotional” logic. This is not at all the same as the type of logic that most boys use, which is why they are always perplexed and found themselves wondering, “What do Women Want from Men?

Tactic 1: Command Her Attention

Most boys will approach a hottie in an extremely weak, tender and approval-seeking manner. Be a Man and behave like a Man! As a man; you need to command her attention the very moment you lock eyes on her. Doing any less would practically guarantee you will never obtain her attention or will be able allure her with any real impact. The huge mistake boys make is to be extremely indirect, and try to “creep in” the back door of being her best friend first. You must be direct- displaying confident body language in your love approach, garnering her attention and notice from the very beginning. Women have their looks and charm as the way to grab our (boys) attention; boys should make use of their “Alpha Male” power to allure and woo women the identical manner.

Tactic 2: Do not try to be Grabby

Again, most boys try to handle or touch women in the incorrect manner when they approach them for the first time, as this can really go against you. You must observe the physical boundaries of a woman and regard her “personal bubble.” The only touch you need to make have to be a light touch on her arm for just a second, as you break the ice and open up conversation. No groping or lingering contact in any way- the rule with touch is the less you know her, the shorter your physical touch should be. Too much too soon may obliterate her fascination and interest for you.

Tactic 3: Be Influential and Swift

Make her think only about you every hour of day and night. You need to leave impressions and you need to keep them busy with those trump card of yours. Do not allow them to run away from your thoughts and the moment you sense so, give ’em more. Let your thoughts take a toll over her mind, heart and soul. This may sound like a rule from Sun Tzu, but it is highly effective when you find out how to attract women sexually. You cannot look as if you have no idea what it is you wish.

Tactic 4: Do not be too fervent and be too pushy

Girls can sense how “in demand” you are via your attitude. Needy men simply give off this reeking smell of insecurity that will repel girls almost instantly. Here is another secret for you in case you don’t know how to attract a women -Try your level best and keep yourself at a safest distance; do not show how badly you need her. The more idiotically you behave, the farther she will move. Do no push things and allow them with enough time. You need to behave like you are not very much concerned, though you are because women want a mature man and not a baby.

According to experts, never show your true feelings, not at least to the woman you might be interested in. Because, when you do so, you highlight your insecurities and you make her feel that she is leading the game. The moment you make her feel special is the moment you present yourself as a ‘not-so-special’ person. You need to make her known that you like her, but diplomatically and you must not cross your boundaries.

Always remember – it is your insecurity and neediness that makes you a big neurotic ball of comedy genius – Marc Maron