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Secret Behind Many Celebrities' Young Looks - Facelift Surgery
Secret Behind Many Celebrities' Young Looks - Facelift Surgery

Secret Behind Many Celebrities’ Young Looks Facelift Surgery



  1. Facelift surgery , clinically known as rhytidectomy
  2. A facelift surgery improves visible signs of aging.
  3. It is about performing surgical procedures to improve the face's appearance

Ever wondered what is the secret behind a few celebrities’ young look? Are they doing some special kind of workouts or is it about their healthy diet charts?

Of course, diet makes a difference, but let me tell you guys, their secret behind having young looks is – facelift surgery. This is becoming an increasingly popular treatment in the field of plastic surgery and the most widely performed to enhance that appealing charm on the face.

A facelift is a surgical procedure that helps in removing and tighten the excess and loosened skin on different areas of the face.

In order to have a complete rejuvenated look surgeons perform various other surgeries like neck lift, eyelid surgery, liposuction, autologous fat injection, removal of buccal (cheek) fat pad, forehead lift, browlift, chemical or laser peel, and malar (cheek), submalar or chin implants in conjunction with the facelift.

Facelift procedure involves an incision in the hairline above and in front of the ear, extending it to downward in front of the ear, comes under the ear and then upward behind the ear ending in the hair or hairline behind the ear.

Then, the fatty tissues that are the cause of loose skin are lifted away as far as needed in order to correct the problem. Stretching the skin back and up will provide the necessary tension in the skin.

The cuts are then closed with sutures and as per the surgery; surgeon guides you with the precaution and recovery time.

The complexity of a facelift surgery depends upon the area to be treated, the number of incisions made, the number of tissue layers treated and the degree of invasiveness.

Thus, before going ahead with the procedure you must consider few points like-:

  • Your expectations: Always have a detail conversation with your surgeon and tell him what results you are looking for.
  • Expenses: The cost involved depends on upon the type and number of procedures along with follow-ups. The most important factor is that such surgeries are not covered under most of the health insurances.
  • Risks: No surgery is risk-free. Assess the type and degree of risk from your surgeon. Some risks depend on upon your expectations that are called cosmetic risks and other being light or severe infection and bleeding.
  • Recovery: Every surgery has different recovery time and kind of precautions attached to it.
  • Psychological Changes: The procedure will boost your confidence; it cannot treat the mental health conditions like depression or any other ailment.

Now, many of you might be thinking about the right age for this treatment. Some people say that the right time for this treatment is 50 or 60 years.

But, there is no specific age to perform a facelift surgery, anyone who has completed 18 years of age can have any type of cosmetic surgery because by this age all the bones are fully developed and further growth stops.

A number of people also believe that the liposuction performed in some cases in order to remove excess fat pockets from the neck and jowls, can take away the essential fatty tissues from beneath the skin.

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The fact is that liposuction only removes excessive fat deposits that are not at all required by the body.

Now, let me tell about the risks. All surgeries whether cosmetic or clinical, pose some kind of risks, but with some alertness and research while choosing the board certified and experienced surgeons, can minimize the risk involved.

Try to stick with a recommended cosmetic surgeon. And, also, whether you are a perfect candidate or not, ask your surgeon.