Say No To Chinese Products Support Local Products

Say No To Chinese Products Support Local Products
Say No To Chinese Products Support Local Products
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  1. Government cannot impose ban.
  2. We have to say no.
  3. Support your countrymen.

“Make in India” was the most recent slogan we all shouted together. But, when it comes to buying things, we go for Chinese products.

Be it machinery, chemicals, fertilizers, iron, steel, plastics, mobile phone, televisions, clothes, shoes, decoration lights; everything is carrying a made in china tag. Do you know, the Chinese market is not only eating our domestic market, but our culture and heritage as well.

People like you and me are the reason behind it. We had URI attack and we all know who was behind it. There is an old saying, “when mouse laughs at the cat, there is hole nearby.” Do I really need to tell you anything about the hole? Say no to Chinese products because you are not buying their scrap, but you are funding them and you are proving yourself as a reason behind a countryman’s death.

Why Can't India Ban The Import of Chinese Products

Chinese products are already dominating our market. If we go by figures, our imports from China have already crossed $235B. And, this is only increasing.

People say they don’t go to China to buy these Chinese products. It is our Government allowing them to sell their waste here.

But, let me tell you, Government cannot really ban the import of Chinese goods because it will be against the norms of World Trade Organization.

Just imagine, Indian government put a ban on Chinese products and eventually they are going to ban Indian products. It is going to be a huge setback.

Here is the ridiculous fact, but the truth – China imports only 0.8% of its total imports from India while India imports 12.4% of its total imports from china.

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Congratulation – After supporting Pakistani Actors, we are also showing our best support to our second biggest enemy. Are we really loyal to our country?

Why Not To Buy Chinese Things

I can give you ample of reasons, but I want to keep things short and to-the-point. According to reports, the trade deficit between China and USA stands at $230B and one day, it is going to shake the whole world’s economy.

Do you need me to remind you that Chinese Government has a history of always showing inhuman aggression towards other countries? Test your memory or explore Google, who always backed Pakistan?

Why feeding a country, who is not only spreading it’s junk all over the world, but also killing the domestic market?

On humanitarian grounds, we all know the reason behind cheap Chinese labors. A Chinese cup you serving milk to your child in, is made of hazardous raw-material in pathetic working conditions. Aren’t we playing with the health of our own babies? I don’t think so, our standards for quality of goods are so low that we have to rely on their “good for nothing” products.

In addition, do you know that China is not only polluting the World and endangering human life, but with their cheap products, they are also killing local industries. Most of their product are copied, and are of significantly low standards; again a risk to our health.

How We Can Bring a Change

Look around. Many countries like West Philippines, Vietnam have already stopped buying their useless products. As per the latest economic reports China stock loses $3.2 trillion in weeks.

Studies have proved that Chinese products is one among the other major reasons behind the death of many small scale industries. When you buy their goods, do keep in mind that you are snatching bread from one of your countryman’s mouth and giving it to China.

Say no to Chinese items and save your domestic market. I know , most of you are going to say that domestic products are expensive. But, can I just ask you – would be buying a Chinese medicine substitute for your baby, if domestic medicine of the same salt is expensive? I hardly doubt.

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Bring a smile on the face of domestic good makers. Promote domestic products and show true patriotism. Say not to Chinese products; support your mother nature, humanity, environment and local talent promotion.

If still not convinced, here is the biggest shock – China has voted against India in United Nation on the question of terrorism and has supported Pakistan openly.

I know boycotting Chinese goods is not an easy thing because they are everywhere from kitchen cutlery to the laptop or mobile phone. But, we can try Domestic Options. Can’t we?