Road to Multiple Orgasms Patience and Stimulation

Road to multiple orgasms - patience and stimulation
Road to multiple orgasms - patience and stimulation
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What is the secret behind those women who enjoy multiple orgasms? What is the correct definition of multiple orgasms? Do all women have more than one orgasm at a time? How is it possible?

Many sexual health and relationship forums are full of these questions/debates. According to many sexual health experts, a lot of women ask for the secret behind multiple orgasms. Well, having multiple orgasms is not some kind of Holy Grail of sex. Women have multiple orgasms more often than you think; it means they simply having more than one orgasm within one game of love. If you are reading this, I am sure, you might have no idea about three different types of multiple orgasms – “The first one is – single combined : when there are breaks between orgasms. The second one is multiple sequential, where orgasms occur 2-3 minutes one after another. And, lastly, multiple serials where orgasm appears just after a few seconds.

Sex is good and healthy for the human body when the partners remain focused on intercourse itself on its evolution, the contact between their bodies. Beyond any stake, orgasm remains the main purpose of sex – voluntarily or involuntarily. Because orgasm is the most exciting and most enjoyable ultimate sexual experience. It may also be, as you probably already know, vaginal or clitoral single or multiple (successive), but very rarely. Perhaps the scarcity of, perhaps precisely the difficulty we get remains for hundreds of years, a pedestal while everyone around glorifies and is looking for explanations or benefits.

However, multi-orgasmic is not just a “front-illusion” for most women, but a reality that each of us we can him. Road to multi-orgasmic is definitely more difficult than any other physical experience, but it is not impossible. Orgasm multiple – between foreplay and bloodstream multiple orgasms is due to physical, the persistent intensity of blood flow in the pelvic area, for a longer period of time after the first orgasm. But the clitoral needs some time until a new climax, which is why foreplay should be resumed immediately after the first orgasm .

According to the area experts, 14% of women experience multiple orgasms regularly. Meanwhile must remember that certain erogenous zones, when stimulated, have huge potential but also higher than others. It has been medically substantiated that all women are physiologically capable of having multiple orgasms. Furthermore, according to various specialists in sexology, to have multiple orgasms, you as a couple has to follow certain rules. The first and foremost rule – patience; both you and your partner must have patience (which takes time, multi-orgasmic needs all the time in the world).

Secondly, the energy and atmosphere favorable are the keys to “orgasm after orgasm.” You cannot expect multiple orgasms in case you are not in a mentally and emotional prepared state. Should you want to have multiple orgasms, you must set yourself free from all psychological barriers and stress. The way to multiple orgasms is you have to stop in the first place and then steadily from clitoral stimulation. The lip is a special area that transmits excitements. The hands of a man, when used with inspiration, can do wonders during a prelude! Here are a few more secrets and if you as a woman wants to enjoy multiple orgasms, try these tricks out.

Have More Sex Appeal

Adult women who have great respect for self, autonomy, and empathy, are more likely to experience sexual pleasure and orgasms regularly. If a woman is strained during a sexual experience or feel guilt or shame, the chances for her to have multiple orgasms is next to none i.e. almost zero. Women who feel good about themselves and who embraces sexuality in a healthy way are in a much better position to experience heightened sexual pleasure (again and again). In other words, learn to love yourself (including your sexual self) and your body will show you how great you are.

I Know How To Do It Alone

I know how to do it alone is usually good for a woman to know how to ” fly.” This helps her explore the concept of multiple orgasms for the first time. This is because in such a situation there is no pressure on performance (for example, must reach orgasm, otherwise you will be disappointed). That means you can keep trying until you out! If hypersensitivity is a problem, it is advised to not to have a direct contact with the clitoris and explore other areas.

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I Know All About Hot Spots

“I know all about the hot spots,” maybe the biggest dilemma we all are living in. It is not only the G-spot, but there are few other points that you can push. Women are able to have orgasms initiated in 10 different types of stimulation that involve nipples, clitoris, G-spot, anus, and vagina. And, one must have the ability to produce pleasure in any of these areas. When these nervous systems are explored, a mixed form of orgasm as a result of more than one region’s stimulation creates multiple orgasms. Just think of all the different combinations that you can try!

I know That Timing Is Important

Women can more easily discover multi-orgasmic when there are fewer distractions. You will enjoy the love game to a greater extent when you can allow yourself to forget the rest of the world. Synchronization refers to the pace set during intercourse. Women respond to rhythm because it relaxes – them out of their minds and makes them careful on body sensations, allowing deeper excitement. Otherwise, worries center in the brain strikes and even one orgasm becomes difficult to obtain. When you want to set the pace with your partner, try a more controlled and consistent pelvic movement, combined with pressure, applied on points of pleasure. Do not forget that micro-movements can produce macro-results!

Being Good Slippery

In real estate jargon is used: location, location, location! – It seems to be very important when it comes to privacy. In Tantra is lubrication, lubrication, lubrication! Why? Well, part of being able to have a multi-orgasm means keeping erogenous zones responsive to stimulation throughout the intimate process, which may involve stimulation, re-boosting and stimulating mixed. To avoid desensitization, vaginal discomfort, and pain during this process, a woman must be well lubricated. It seems that you are more likely to reach orgasm if they pick up a little. The tilt of the hips and pelvis up shortens the effective vaginal canal. It also allows partner with an ease to reach the unexplored territory. And, it will provide you and your partner with a good amount of physical and psychological comfort.

The best part is – stop thinking about your performance and start thinking about pleasure. The only thing you must keep in mind about women at such stage is – all that matters is a pleasure. Therefore, it makes no sense to think that’s something we need to achieve. Stop considering sex as a results-oriented event, where you want to end the session with some unrealistic expectation. By doing so, you automatically will limit your ability. Instead, try to think of sex as an event of acquiring pleasure. In other words, kissing, hugging, oral sex, and foreplay; all of these stretches your orgasm. Do keep in mind that one thing should not lead to anything else.

Do not think much about the “end game” because this is how you can end up enjoying extra innings!