Rishi Kapoor & his Sense of Humor

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Remember the handsome Raju of Mera Naam Joker and Raja of Bobby? Might you know him as Akbar Illahbadi of Amar Akbar Anthony or Rauf Lala of Agneepath(2011)? I am talking about one of my all time favorite Chintu Ji – Rishi Kapoor. He reminds me of my childhood; those early days of single screen cinema. For the first time in my life, my butt was served with a ‘Police Stick;’ I broke the movie ticket line – Deewana(1992). So far we all know him as an actor, whose evergreen performances made us laugh, cry and love. There is no match to his acting capabilities. Be it Bobby or Kapoor & Sons, every time he appears on the screen give us, his every expression give me goosebumps. If there is another Romantic Superstar after Kaka Sahib (Rajesh Khanna Ji), undoubtedly, it is him.

But, not many of us know about the other side of Rishi Ji. Since last few years, he is becoming a strong voice exposing many ‘not-so-good things’. Should you not following him on twitter, you for sure will be missing his hilarious side. Just like the great Khushwant Singh, he is also not sparing anyone and anything. Be it award ceremonies (when he said who are near to Dehli/ruling party gets award) or Congress party (where he tweeted- why is everything named after the Gandhis?) or Zara Sales (worn and torn clothes) – he nailed it every time. 

His sense of humor, boldness, broad-mindedness, and his ‘hidden talent of doing public satires’ – are worth a praise. Allow me to walk you through another side of  the great Rishi Kapoor Ji.