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Review on Skout: An Online Dating App

Skout: Another Online Dating Application
Skout: Another Online Dating Application
Photo Credit: Skout App

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.




  1. Free version can offer you a lot.
  2. Signing up process is very easy.
  3. Females actually initiate chat. A lot of luck.
  4. You are free to fix your partner preferences


  1. No control over fake profiles.
  2. A lot of privacy issues.
  3. Free version is full of advertisements.
  4. Eats up a lot of Internet data and phone battery.
  5. Can be a reason behind phone overheating.

Dating Apps – Before installing one, you should know the difference between an app and oops.

Thousands of dating apps are already there on the Google Play store. But, when it is a question of security, privacy, money, and of course, finding an online partner for whatever purpose you are looking for, you cannot rely on every app with an erotic. There are several other things that matter. Today, I would like to talk about Skout – Meet, Chat, Friend.

1Some Amazing Statistics

Here are some awesome figures that can compel you to have this app on your mobile phone.

  • 10 Million Downloads
  • 4.2-star rating
  • More than 637 Thousand 5 Star Ratings
  • More than one million active users
  • Free Version and Premium Version

So, I installed it myself and used it for around 20 days. And, after using it for nearly three weeks, here is what I found.

2Key Features 

  • Registration process is as simple as scratching own nose.
  • No lengthy profile forms with mandatory input columns; write as much as you want.
  • No mobile phone confirmations.
  • An easy to use User Interface; no special skills required.
  • Free version has a lot to offer. You can try your luck as long as you want. No time restrictions.
  • Endless user database. More than 220 million users.

3Things I Liked In This App (Free Version)

User Interface

I really liked the blue color UI; a color that can lower your BP and slow down your heart rate (Feng- Shui). Perhaps, this is a reason, why most of the social media apps (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) are of using blue as their theme color.

Females do initiate chat

This is a wonderful app. In a few minutes after launching my profile, I got nearly 20 chat request from females. A lot of luck.

Signing up process

  • Signing up process is very easy. It gives you multiple options for signing up.
  • You can use your existing Google account (that you might have configured on your phone).
  • Signing up using your Facebook is the second option.
  • If you are not handy with any of these options, you can opt for the third option; creating a profile using default signing up the process of the app.

Interesting Features

Partner preferences

You are free to fix your partner preferences on the basis of gender, location, age, ethnicity, and viewing preferences.

Who checked you out

This app can tell you, who checked you out. So, at least, I know who is accessing my profile, unlike other social media apps.


This is an amazing feature. Unlike “We Chat” application, where you are asked to shake your phone before the app can suggest a partner (based on your preferences), this app offers the same function, but with ease.

All you need to do is – click on the interested icon, and the app will show a list of some people you might be interested in. Once you click on tick mark, it sends a chat request to them. And, there you go. As easy, as scratching your nose.Skout: Another Online Dating Application


This is another feature, where you can make a buzz and it will be shown to the people in the category. You can leave a message for the entire Skout community. Be watchful for what you ask. (lol)


This is where all of the online members are shown. I tried this app on many different hours; this community never sleep. Be it any hour of the day, you will find someone to talk.

Overall, Initially, I was quite happy with the app. But, after coming across the dark sides of the app that are really scary, I decided to uninstall it. Here are those.

4Things I Disliked In This App (Free Version)

Wrong Results for Location Proximity & Preference

Location proximity of this app is very poor. Despite making some strict preference, it keeps showing me people from other areas like 200+ KM away from my town. So, no matter, if you edit your location preference, this app is going to give you wrong results.

In addition, despite declaring my preferences for partner ethnicity and gender, it keeps showing me wrong people, who are a thousand miles away from me.

Insecure Signing-up procedure

I know, in order to fetch as much as user information this app can, developers have kept the signing procedure free from any sort of verification. The primary focus of these kinds of apps is collecting user data and using it for further marketing strategies.

But, while doing so, they are not only risking their investment (who knows if I am using a right email or not), they are also putting user information at a huge risk.

I was shocked to learn that there is no security check. Anyone can have a fake profile very easily. All you need is a fake email id (regardless of its’ existence). The system won’t even ask you for confirming it. And, it will allow you access to thousands of users.

A lot of hookers and cyber sex girls (fake and real)

My personal experience about this app is – this is becoming a hooker’s hub. If you are into paid sex kinda stuff, this app is for you. A lot of girls are using it for advertising their services. As I said, there is no privacy check. So, fake profiles are countless.

Fake Profiles

Nowadays, this app is becoming a CBD for fake profiles. Anyone can use anyone’ photo or profile information; very easy. Sometimes, you can six different profiles in a row with the same picture. Seriously, sharing pictures with the app can put you and your privacy in trouble. This seems like a place full of spams, bots, and losers.

Countless advertisements

On top of this, advertisement on this app are a real pain-in-neck; they are ridiculously crazy and annoying. They keep forcing you to upgrade to the premium version. The app “sister-concern” really pissed me off. How many times you need to tell me that “meet me” is your product.

Data Consumption

Soon after using this app for a few hours, I realized, it literally drained a lot of battery, sucked a lot of internet data and I noticed phone overheating as well. Sometimes, this app used to pass through a long round of buffering before it actually loads the profile page. Really annoying.

The competition is going really tough in online dating and survival is not easy. Dear app guys! You seriously need to work around these flaws, if you want a few more five-stars for your app.

Download Links: Google Play | Apple Store

Quality of members
Ease of use
Customer Satisfaction
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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.